Saturday April 25th 2015 Aarhus 27 km. on busy roads

De So-camping van Skanderborg lag bij dit water, wel mooi, alleen veel herrie van de weg                                                      Van tijd tot tijd komt de Oostzee in zicht. Gisteren zelfs een watersurfer

Skanderborg So camping was nice at the water but much traffic noise.    Sometimes I sea the East Sea, yesterday even a surfer

Bij gebrek aan vermaak amuseer ik me maar met dergelijke flauwe kul                                                                               Op weg door Aarhus, op zoek naar mijn hostal

Because of lack of fun I enjoy with such stupid things (in Dutch bil means buttock)       On my way through Aarhus, looking for my hostal

Gevonden, aan de kade, vlak bij centrum I found it, at the kay, close to the water and close to the center

An easy day, but constant on the bike lane next to a long, busy road. Every advantage  has a disadvantage, once said our soccer phenomenon Cruyff. When, long ago, I was studying in the big university library (many students did, because that was fun), a fellow student came to my place and broke whispering the serene silence with the following story: a robber galleon with rowing slaves. The captain said, guys! Today, a good and a bad message. The good message is, you all get chicken with apple sauce. JEEEEEEH! The bad is that the captain wants waterskiing tonight. This anecdote illustrates Cruijffies statement.
No rain, the campsite proprietor said yesterday firmly, afraid that I would go on to the youth hostel in the city, 3 km. further.
This morning at 4:30 I was awakened by the sound of rain on the tent. Well, I can not do anything about it anyway, nor that Tosca considerably protrudes in the sideo of the small tent. I wonder how that goes. But soon it stopped raining. Everything inside the tent remained dry, so I’m feeling like a king. The tent wet packed and ‘en route’. Only the last 1.5 hours. or so it started to drizzle quite softly, but in the evening I would be in the youth hostel in Aarhus and so it was. I brought Tosca immediately to the garden and tied her at a  place, out of sight, under a roof, actually a hallway, down on a thick layer of cardboard. It was only 3:15 pm you. At 4 pm. came the check-in gentleman and said firmly: no dogs allowed. With your colleagues, yesterday I agreed that my dog couls stay in the garden. No that is not allowed. Who was it then, he asked. Well, how do I know? O.K., if Tosca is there, then let her there. Always the same: no dogs allowed, but, oh well. All right after all? By now it has become 5:30 pm. So now it’s really raining. Only good, because then nobody will enter the garden, which could cause Tosca barking.
Tomorrow 37 km. That is a little long, but in between there are no youth hostels, so what can an ordinary working man wish? The weather forecast is good. I’d better go discovering downtown Aarhus, do some shopping, because tomorrow is Sunday. And very early in my bunk bed in the 4-persons room, so tomorrow I can leave early. Today was not very exciting, but what it can not come. First trying to book something for tomorrow night in Randers.

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