Saterday December 27th 2014 Roquefort 18 km.

Servé’s first night. Yesterday to bed at 01 at night, mainly because of the late arrival, 11.45 p.m., of Servé. So this morning we rose slightly later than usual. It was raining like all hell, so no hurry. We had only 18 km. to go to Rock Fort. The average is 25 km. a day. Let’s first get a tasty croissant with coffee in the bar. Then the rain will probably stop and we will pack Leon. Leon! GONE! His rope was still there. It was not broken. Nowhere a sign of Leon. Is the rope cut? No. The same frayed ends as always. Many droppings, so probably during the night he still was here. Traces of a car in the grass, just to Leons tree. Yet stolen? Servé, you go one way, I go the other, though many more sides were possible. Normally Leon stays in a place with lots of grass. On the other hand, there was a lot of traffic and he might in fear have run a few km. further . Nothing found. After passing the bullring I turned to go back. Also Servé nothing. The rain kept pouring and my feet dipped already. In a fairly populated area such as this a horse can not go unnoticed. O.k., better return to the bar. Calling the police. After a lot of phone calls, the 4th person finally got the policeman on the line. Get in the car, he said. Your horse is a few km. away behind someone’s house. Sigh! In the car, on the way to Leon, the Frenchman asked whether I had seen the arena. He pushed hard on the brakes to turn around and take me there. At that moment I had something else on my mind. He proudly told all about the fight, without bulls, but instead always with a cow, that is not slain. Are you matador, I asked him? Well, not really. Finders fee they did not accept.    Then just let go today. A few hours earlier we had put the backpacks outside with a tarpaulin over it. That was largely blown off and the bags were confused.
Forward with the barge. We left in the still pouring rain. We were constantly on quiet asphalt roads and the route was always easy to follow. It was a very big cleaning up there in heaven because it rained for 15 hours. Then it stopped raining for 30 min. Next the devils fair was resumed. Though I was on the verge of cold in my wet, thin summer trousers and soaked gloves and socks, it was still nice socializing with son Servé about anything and everything. On the way there wasn’t a cafeteria or another dry resting place anywhere, no food except for a piece of chocolate. We walked to our destination: Roquefort and there straight to the bar. We are the pilgrims who called this morning. Without any questions or fuss we got the inn key from the bar miss and we installed ourselves 200 m. further into the refuge. Tosca on a blanket in the porch, Leon on his rope, and now first of all trying to get everything dry. Now, it is 5:30 p.m. For Leon we found a  place on lush grass and then we went back to the bar for the strengthening of the inside, for warmth, for wifi. Watching the weather report, planning shelter for tomorrow etc.
 Servé & # 039; s first night

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