Saterday december 13 th 2014

What a difference there in Jan. Shared joy, double joy. Shared doubt, no doubt double. Tosca by redeemed us from the wooden door where she tied to her belt, the night had passed on, but nice soft on pieces by me broken torn fabric. Jacket and under the open sky. She ran again today as a tit and was playful, as Tosca’s to be heard. Today no decaying animal paws as booty, a small bone after, but a real umbrella (see photo). So no-ge urinate on animal cruelty. She has the time of her life. Has also become pretty slim and heavily muscled. And the boss then? Still Pierlala leaner than before, with a lot of tendon. Just a harlequin with strings. But no problems. I’m like an old Harly Davidson and have fun in there. Leon idem, an indestructible young god in horse fur.
With John, I tell one hundred and one. We’ve known each other very long, but barely. Work, family, hobbies, opinions, everything passes the revu and in between again a good joke. The 28 km. sneak by without you, me, it shows. Glad that he, too, with me, a couple of times went wrong with the damn Y splits. Because the nest for the night was arranged, we could soliciting calm and relaxed. So … a bar at lunchtime. I was busy with my GPS and heard Jan 5 m. From telling everything to me, which I escaped. With different voice. Weird. What was found? A guy from Budel was among the other Spaniards on the counter wrapped in conversation with Jan. You come anywhere emigrated Dutch people here. I said, as everyone understands the joke, that I have a beautiful, young Hispanic sought to accompany me, mainly to carry my stuff!