Saterday 27 sept. 2014 Trying the harnass. Animal passports

The adaptations at the trailer have not been done yet. It would take another couple of weeks. I can not wait that long. So I got the trailer back home. Now I can keep practicing loading the horse Leon on the trailer. It sometimes takes me half an hour to get him in. The last few days I made some long walks: over 20 and sometimes more than 30 km. With Leon fully packed. Everything fits into three backpacks, but now I have a saddlebag being made that will mount on both sides of the horse. In the case of bad weather those three backpacks, stuffed in the two saddlebags will be covered by a big horse blanket. Leon then looks like a dromedary. I also discover a few scratches on Leon’s skin because of rubbing of the harness. I’ll have to put some patches of felt under the harnass. And thus one keeps busy.
These days I went to the vet for a health passport for horse Leon and for the passport with vaccinations for dog Tosca. All right, this has been done too. In spite of the fact that the vet didn’t want to be paid it was quite expensive, because I got a ticket for illegal parking.
During today’s walk I met friend Wim van de S. I stopped him a few minutes from his work in Rott. Then, through many detours I ended up in the vineyard of Stan B. While I took some time to go “ungere” (old Limburg word meaning take a nap in the field), Sonja came bringing me my lunch. And thus it should be. Horse dent and woman’s hand should never rest. Then for the umpteenth time I met the couple from Nijswiller with the clamped Frisian horses. So I shot a picture of them too.
Finally cineast Rudie gave me film instructions today. Seemed less complicated than I thought. But how do you get a safe location for such delicate instruments like a camera on the horse? It’s getting late now. Dans le puce!

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