Friday Oct. 31st 2014 Torremejía to Merida 15 km.

Vultures in the air 

Merida aquaduct

Albergue de peregrinos Merida in an old  water mill

Albergue in Merida

basement under the albergue where I don’t want to lodge my animals


After a short trip of 15 km I arrived from Torremejía in a pilgrims’ hostel in the beautiful city of Merida. An about 600 m. long Roman bridge. Horse and dog have been awarded lousy spots again. The caretaker comes to the inn only twice a day, so I don’t have much consideration with her. I don’t close Leon in a pitch-black dark basement underneath the inn without straw or hay or drink, but instead I leave him outside in the park at the river, right next to the albergue, tied up, no problem, because he’s pretty much used to being fixed to a pole by now. Then he can get some grass . This is forbidden but who cares? And I ask my fellow roommates if there are any objections against Tosca sleeping tonight in the kitchen. Right now she is lying outside, next to the entrance of the inn, on the concrete floor, which, incidentally, is quite warm. Today, Friday, temperatures are well above the 20 degrees C. Tomorrow will be a day of rest. But maybe I’ll go on tomorrow, for the sake of the animals, and then we’ll make a short tour. Whether they will get a better accommodation tomorrow is highly questionable of course.
I just read the reactions to yesterday’s blog: Son Serve, it’ll be a great pleasure to me if you want to join me during the Christmas week. I expect to be near the Pyrenees mountains then. The week before someone will join me. Today someone from a site for mountaineers called me to ask if he could put something on their blog about me. I said, go ahead. And whether he might mention that people could walk along with me. Fine with me, I said, only I can not promise that they will enjoy it as much as I do! The nice thing is that I am going fast like a train, but most tiring for me is the concern for the animals . Without the animals the entire enterprise would be too simple. And why doing easy, if one can do it the hard way , huh? I also look forward to the arrival of Paulien and Rob next week. They will join me for a week or so. I will let you know in what albergue in Caceres I’ll take residence with my animals. Now I ‘m going to figure out how to get todays pictures on the blog, because until now I didn’t succeed.

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