November 11 th 2014 Aldeanueva del Camino

Leon found spilled corn


Oude kurkeik

Old cork oak

Buitenhuisje voor Sonja en Harrie

Fence with the initials of Sonja and Harrie


Romeinse verdedigers van Caparra

Roman defenders of the ancient Roman town of Caparra

Obelix op weg naar Cáparra

Obelix on his way to Cáparra

Vene vide foetschie Cáparra

Vene vide foetschie Cáparra

Close up middagpauze

Close up lunch break

Genieten v d eerste zelf gemaakte koffie

Enjoying our first own made coffee

Plien haalt een nat voetje i.p.v. wit

Plien getting a wet bottom!.

Schoenen uit

Taking off shoes


Prachtige medepelgrims

Beautifull fellow pilgrims

Spaans? blondje ontmoet

Meeting a Spanish blondy

Nog eens mooie avondkleuren

Nice evening colours

Als de dag te lang is wordt het gevaarlijk

When the day lasts too long it gets dangerous

Scenic route. The day started with hail and thunderstorms. But when we left it was dry. Nice weather. This was the first time I used the special shoes to wade through a deep river. Leon crossed the river undaunted. Plien got a wet bottom! Tosca dashed into a flock of sheep , before I had seen it. The shepherd accepted my excuses kindly , fotunately. He didn’t have much choice though. In the afternoon we put on our capes , and again the capes off. During lunch we made our first coffee. See photo of Pauline and Rob under a tree. We saw many storks’ nests again, like everywhere indeed, in recent weeks. But now we were surprised by the numerous shields at the electricitym poles, which were specially meant for storks. At one pole was a sign with an explanation for the birds, that this was  intended only for storks. For any illiterate birds, storks or foreign birds, there also was an icon / drawing next to the sign. For dogs, I have never seen such a nice explanation. Nowhere even a sign with Cave Canem. Not necessary, because here it is obvious (?) that one takes care for dogs. My affectionate Tosca is being feared here like a bloodhound.                                                                    We passed the Roman ruins of Caparra, took some pictures of the triumphal arch, the ancient Roman road and the excavated foundations. The ruins reminded me of the fights of Asterix and Obelix with the Romans. Horse Leon was bored, so he started kneeling  down to roll over, ho, ho, damn, a little cick and the far surroundings could hear that the disaster was averted again.

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