Nov. 2 nd 2014 Aljucen again. Rest day

Church Aljucen

Aljucen albergue de peregrinos: yellow building

Routemarks to Santiago in Aljucen Routemarks to Santiago in Aljucen

We slept until 8.30 am. No barking, because the neighbor lady does not have one cat, like all neighbors, but 10! Tosca screams preferably against conspecifics, not to cats, so no barking around here. Tosca is scratching herself all day, because of a nasty rash on her belly. I hope this is no scabies. Possibly she caught it from those two nasty, shabby barking creatures in that stable where I slept a while ago.
Voetbalwei for horses or horse pasture with goals? Soccerfield for horses or horse field with soccer goals.

I quickly removed the bushes of hair from the albergue floor, before the landlady would arrive. Maybe I should ask Plien and R who soon will come from the Netherlands to join me, if they want to take lindane against scabies from home, to treat the poor dog. Nevertheless Tosca is cheerful and enthusiastic. She also consumes twice the normal portion, just like I do. I put, unlike at home, a mighty lot of sugar in my coffee, basting the bread with a double layer of butter, or, if there is no butter, olive oil, as is often done here. And so I hope not to become a walking skeleton. Except Vincencio, with whom I share the room, although there are enough rooms to each take one, nobody is here. Belgian Yerma left. I fed the animals, made a poop walk for Tosca, browsed in the guestbook , checked the route for the next few days, disconnected the electronics from the wall outlets and what am I going to do today? Doing nothing is not my hobby. Sending SMS messages.
Because no shop is open, I’m going to have breakfast at the Kiosk where they now know me. At the same time I can update the blog, because the kiosk is the only place within miles with Internet. As I said before I’m ahead of my schedule. Take it easy boy, and don’t exhaust those animals. Weather forecast predicts bad and colder weather. I might need to use the tent? That will be another “novelty” because Tosca loves to use her beautiful white teeth to bite in for example a sleeping bag, so together with her in a tent is not very convenient.
Leon’s hoof shoes don’t fit him , are too large. So I filled those with rubber strips that I found on the road and that fit perfectly. Along with Vincencio we found out a better system to attach the four backpacks to the pack-saddle. I made a little trip through Aljucen : that lasted 15 minutes! Passing the football field: the league competition seemed to be over since long. Leon would have been happy with all the long grass. Is this a football field for horses or a paddock in which one can play foorball? Jos Muller ( keeps the football field, home in Vijlen), here is work to do for you. Vincencio and I made a movy shot in front of a beautiful, early Gothic church, with the camera of cineast Rudi, who wants to make a movie of my trip.

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