Monday May 4th 2015 Saeby (Denmark), South of Frederikshavn

Als je de g en de k verwisseld heb je Deens. En dan natuurlijk meestal met een eu-klank ertussen. Heel simpel If you change g and k Dutch sometimes is similar to Danish
Behalve een paar leuke huizen vonden wij Frederikshavn niet zo indrukwekkend    Except for a few nice houses we were not very impressed by Frederikshavn                                                                            Zoals ze bruiden zonder hoofd verkopen, leven hier mensen zonder romp. Zul je mee getrouwd zijn!   Like they sell brides without a head they also have people without a trunck

Nog eens een van de typisch Deense restaurants  Another typical Danish restaurant Terwijl Rudi wat shots neemt, verlangen wij naar onze caffeïneshot While Rudi is taking some photo shots we long for our caffeine shot.

Tonight strong wind and rain, but during the day quite soft again. Last night cozy “chatting with Paulette and Rudi. The wine had to be finished and there was also beer. This morning I slept a little longer and I did a lot of I-patting. Very nessessarely I especially have to take a better look at the 640 km. long pilgrim’s route the Olavsweg, starting in a couple days in Oslo (Norway). Seems to be pretty. I’m excited. The visit to daughter Marieke and friend Alph Rune is only about one day. That’s an absolute minimum for such a long trip (7 hours there by car and of course 7 h, back), and for such an important person. Anyway, better than nothing. And then next Sunday visiters again for a few days, “my” Sonja and Paul and Oesj. Such a luxury.
At 11a.m. knock on the door: Rudi. The recordings begin. First here in the cabin and then in Frederikshavn. In Frederikshavn I could also check where to check in at ferry Stena Line next Wednesday to Oslo (Norway). Because if my checking in will be postponed one more day, I may as well completely forget my short visit to Marieke.
Well, and then Rudi is ready. While Rudi asks a few questions, filming the interview, Tosca uses the opportunity to destroy a blanket, to extensively sniff at Rudi’s crotch and distract me from the goal of Rudi’s coming. Such an animal just needs a lot of movement and distraction and otherwise it becomes obnoxious. Like a child, also called “the annoying luck”.
I always wonder somewhat desperately, how Rudi can create a documentary that is worth looking at. But o.k., that’s his business. On verra. That will also be the name of the film. I don’t think I really am the type of guy you see in ads of Fanel or design clothes. As some girls are too young for the guys, and too old for the birds, the opposite is true for me to be old as man, not young enough for the sparrows, or something. Who gives a damn! Keep laughing. Ha, ha. Even from the start in Spain I noticed: For example Jan and I walk through a city. Come on, time for coffee. Leon tied to a pole, Tosca to a fence. The olé guappa behind the counter asks: donde esta el caballo? (Where is the horse?). Around the corner. Quiero un photo, she says. I proudly pose next to Leon. No, that’s not the intention. SHE poses next to Leon and I have to take the picture. Discarded old bastard you are. Pretentions? If there were, they’ll vanish quickly. Whether that’s sad? No, humorous it is. Gosh, I have lots of pictures of handsome and less handsome mothers, boys and girls  posing next to my Leon. Only landlady’s of old age found the combination of Leon and me worth a picture. Yes, one keeps learning.
So today we’ll get at the port of Frederikshavn. Didn’t impress me much. Except for a few cranes in the harbor, two warships and ferry Stena Line was nothing worth seeing in the harbor. The town itself wasn’t very interesting either, we thought. There are people living here without a head. See picture. Likely to match those headless brides. Or do they have such ugly heads here, that one prefers to wrap a newspaper around it? I can’t imagine. So quite some question marks.
I’d like to  see “palm beach”, I said. I saw pictures of it with a few  tiny palm trees. Of course we did not see any real palm. Those in the photo were probably cans with plastic little fake palms. Neither did Frederikshavn appeal to Rudi’s artistic feelings. What did appeal he did not say. Again only pizzerias (see pictures), or hamburger places, and that’s about it. After a bacon burger and a cappucino we went back to the campsite.

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