Monday May 11th 2015. Finnbraten 24 km

Even poseren op bordes van pastorie van Eidsvol vóór vertrek Former minister’s house Eidsvol morning picture
  Weer op wegOn the road again    Veel voorjaarsflora. Many spring flowers   Lunchpauze Lunch break     Het gelukkige koppelHappy together  

    Sinds vanmorgen alweer 16 km. afgelegd Since this morning 16 km.
Is deze hut open? Nee! Is this cabin open? No!  Deze is wel open. Zou bruikbaar zijn voor overnachting  This cabin is open. Could be used for staying overnight

Bijna bij ons einddoel voor vandaag Almost at today’s destination  Primitief koken, maar gelukt Primitive cooking, but we succeeded. Voila het resultaat       Voila, the result Tosca verorbert een elandspoot en ...Tosca devouring a moos’ leg and …  ...wij lachen ons een deuk… we have fun


Infrastruktureren: voorbereiden route van morgen

Infrastructuring. Preparing tomorrow’s route

Thanks to the presence of our ladies we sat in the nice colored kitchen of the rectory of Eidsvoll, behind a bowl of mixed fruit and bread with toppings. We booked a cabin for tonight, an unmanned. We have fun thinking of everything you can fool people with: a woman who is married to a tree, tree whispering, horse whisperers, payed swimming with a horse, the barefeet path, with many variations on that theme, cow fundling . And off we go.
According to Paul’s guidebook we were walking a 3-stars trail of a classification to 4. Indeed beautiful: lots of woods, moose droppings here and there, a snake (viper), occasional drizzle, and no traffic. We pass a sign with the remark swimming. Nevertheless we didn’t swim. We (the ladies) dreamt of lifeguards dressed in white. Bay Watch popped up with the also popped up Pamela Anderson, possibly of Norwegian descent, judging by her name. A sign with 65+ urination (places). We have fun, inter alia, on TV shows, in which the interviewed pewrson on TV says hello to his mother sitting next to him and to the dog.
Along the way we passed an open pavilion, which pilgrims can use freely. All equally primitive: no water, gas or light. We see in several places unknown elongated dung heaps, which we attribute to moose. Pine birch forests with plenty of water and moss. After some searching we arrive in cabin Finnbraten where is no running water or electricity , although we paid 18 E a person. A gas cylinder which is empty acording to us, but a wood stove and candles.

Outside it starts to rain constantly, the temp. drops towards zero degrees, C., are remnants of snow.
After we heated the stove, we made soup and macaroni. Finished our last bottle of wine, made coffee. And knock, knock, the owner of our house/barn shows up. In a moment he got the gas bottle functioning. And that 25 l. jerrycan of water in our living room? Is that fresh? Yes, I put it down here only two weeks ago! The pump outside doesn’t work, I told him. He shows us, that you should simply pump much longer and then the “mineral” water, as he calls it, appears. While I am doing the dishes outside under running water coming from the overflowing roof gutter above me, Paul goes to the source to pump water. The jet dropping from the roof, swung in the wind, like a shower in the bathroom, from left to right and from front to back, so I got thoroughly wet, but with clean dishes, back into the wooden house

Coming inside with 25 l. pumped Norwegian “mineral” water from the source, Paul informs us about his conversation with the cabin owner. Who had shot 45 foxes here last year. And pigs? No pigs here, he says, but many deer. Years ago, the deer were almost gone because of  many lynx. But now we have decimated the number of lynx and the deer are flourishing again. Unbelievable! Throughout Europe, attempts are being made to reintroduce the lynx, for example in the Spanish Extremadura, in central Italy, in the French Jura and even in the German Eifel and Belgian Ardennes, while here it should be necessary to shoot a lot of them? Interesting!
Tosca is outside, in the rain, gone. Tosca! Come here. Here she comes, what is that long, broken branch in her mouth. Guys, come quickly to look and see and take the camera. This time no deer leg, but a real moose leg. See picture. Would she have finished the rest of the moose? Or will we find the rest of the moose the next few days, like the Danish deer? On verra. We’ll see. How good life is for her.
With the light of small little candles we discuss tomorrow’s route. We’ll pass virgin forest, according to the guide. I’m curious. The stove heated the room pleasantly warm, everything is drying. Outside day light continues until after 10 pm. And the dawn begins at 3:30 am. The percentage of long legged blondes is gradually increasing. Everything indicates that we are getting North.
Paul decides after studying for an hour, in consultation with us, to what address we’ll go tomorrow. While Paul is calling with the handy Tosca is worried, uncontrollably barking in the hallway, where I try to shout still louder ” quiet”, and the lady on the other end of the phone prompt replies that she has no place for us. Of course bullshit, because there are no pilgrims yet this time of the year. Yeah, once more Tosca has made her task as aggrevation factor come true.


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