Monday March 23rd 2015 Hengelo. 18 km + a couple more

Beautiful weather. After a very pleasant stay at Rilo and Matthieu’s in Haaksbergen I trotted down lanes and paths into the direction of Hengelo, toward Mignon and Serge. About 7 years ago Mignon was an intern for a year in our medical office in Mechelen, during her education for becoming a General Practitionar. Mignons parents-in-law, Niek and Gonny, nowadays live in the South of France and during my passage there they joined me walking one day.They experienced me in my depressed phase in January near Limoges. Now Gonny and Niek are visiting Mignon and her husband Serge and their 2 sons in the Netherlands. So it will be busy for the young family, with 3 guests and a dog.
On the way through the villages I notice that everyone greets me, just like in my own village. Do they know me? Of course not, but the involvement in smaller communities seems much more than in the city.
A text message comes in, a picture of me is in the paper. Definitely cucumber time there ( vacation time). Hopefully the attention I get also helps Mama Alice. Today I’m going to cross a border again. Who is so kind as to support Mama Alice with 1 ct. per walked km? Belgium and the Netherlands together were three boundaries and around 500 km! In French they say allez hein. On my blog is the bank account of Mama Alice.
The later it was in the evening, the more topics we covered. Another very pleasant evening. Mignon and Serge rejoiced me, inter alia, with a bottle of local herbal drink: Twente Kuiernat. “Kui” both in Twente and in our dialect means stupid talk. Such a bottle, of course, would be rather heavy in my backpack, so tonight and tomorrow night we’d better drink as much as possible and indeed the drink caused much kui. Gosh, during this trip I drink more than ever. I think of the French paradox. What was that again? Much alcohol and yet little heart disease, or something. Drinking just one year will probably not be a problem.
I had fun in the cheerful bustle of Felix ( 7) and Lawrence (4). For a husband, father and grandfather, who has recently left his home nest , it’s very nice to experience some family life . Felix demonstrates his professional dance show , arms, legs and bottom running in all directions . With Mingon I discussed the possibility of Mignon to walk along one or several days . Still chatting about 1000 things and more , but what stuck with me is that it was cozy.
 image  Check with Rilo and Matthieu Haaksbergen out to Rilo and Matthieu Haaksbergen  Entry in Overijssel. Twente alaaf! Entering in Overijssel. Twente keep going!  I do not kick so much on the car as well, on the plate, from the time of Dad's first car: zX-56-19 I not very interested in the car, but rather in the license plate, from the time of my Dad’s first car: ZX-56-19  Walking along the road remains dangerous = ” the hedges in Maasheggen landscape around Vierlingsbeek and also woven here . Not in my region. /> hedges in Maasheggen landscape around Vierlingsbeek where the twigs are also woven just like here . Not in our Limburg .

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