Monday January 5th 2015 Sorges 24 -27 km

Monday evening , already too late now, so just a short report. Because it’s so busy, or rather by the slow walking of Leon, without horseshoes, I have no opportunity to reply to the comments to my blog. Throughout the day fog. From 3 p.m. it was getting better and finally the weather got even unclouded. Another scenic route again, not too difficult to find, except for a few extra kilometers. Tosca enjoys herself, among others carrying sticks. She caught and devoured another mouse. Along the way, like real gollywogs, in a number of bins, horse Leon found a bag containing stale bread. Possibly this too is a sign of my degeneration to a lower social level. (Photo). Back to basics, right? I took a picture of the emerging evening mist, my shadow in the setting sun. Also symbolic of anything and everything. A shadow of what I had been? A shadow hanging over me? A comparison with Lucky Luke, who can shoot faster than his shadow? Whatever. All day I dragged with Leon, Leon like walking on eggs. This way I’ll never reach Sorges before the evening. This is the town of truffles. Complete with truffle museum and selling places of the precious, very expensive mushrooms.
First priority is a farrier. I have an appointment with a blacksmith southeast of Limoges on saterday. Actually way besides my route, but I consider to do so anyway. I can bypass the large city of Limoges. Only, that’ll take me 1-2 extra days. A Dutch couple living around here somewhere, considers joining me for one day. Tomorrow I’ll call the blacksmith once more. Maybe tomorrow in Thiviers I can rent a horse trailer to go to a blacksmith. Thus, the infrastructure is becoming very complicated by those animals. Tomorrow more .

 Tosca makes right Tosca’s fine  


Oud brood bij de vuilnisOld Silvester bread in the garbage  
The boss wants some coffee in a restaurant The boss wants some coffee in a restaurant  
Een gesprekje met de uitbaters van het restaurant en een foto voor de Nederlandse dagbladen A conversation with the patrons of the restaurant and a picture for the Dutch dailies
Tosca heeft zich weer lekker in de stront gerulsj (gerold). Leuk als we dalijk aankomen!Tosca has messed around in the shit. Nice when we soon will arrive. 


  In about three quarters of an hour it will be dark  


Achtervolgd door mijn schaduw Hounted by my shadow. In about 45 min. it will be dark 
Het einde is nabijThis is the end (almost)
Borie, typische oude herdersschuilplaats, vlak voor SorgesA borie, an old shepherd’s shelter, right before Sorges

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