Monday February 2nd 2015. Épineuil near Tonneres. 22 km.

A new day, a new sound (Dutch for another day another dollar).
Poor Tosca, in the cold, under a concrete outdoor staircase, between a pair of garbage containers, to protect her from the wind. Although on a dry blanket and wearing a dog coat. You should see how she ran today, didn’t stop for one second rest, jumping into every pool of water. And I thought that dog might be cold. Today we had all types of weather: snow, sun, rain, wind in the back. I had warned Jos to bring warm clothing , afraid as I was that he would get cold. Like Tosca Jos had a blanket to sleep under and a warm T-shirt to stay warm. And like Tosca he never gets tired. Only he does not jump into every puddle. It could have been cheaper, if he went sleeping under concrete stairs, like dog Tosaca did, because I think he can do so without problems. In the past he ran marathons. That indicates something.
At 9. the shops were not open, so first we went there, among others, for bread, food for Tosca etc. Next to the Office de Tourism, in order to buy a detailed map of the region. That Office de Tourisme would open at 10. Waiting half an hour. No problem: we tied the animals on the sidewalk in front of the tourist office and we ordered a coffee in the bar across the street. Soon, a police car passed by. Let’s see what will happen. They drove by. That was only relative. After a few minutes they had apparently thought that there possibly was an important action without danger. So, they came back, stopped at the Office de T. And we, with any pleasure, along with a few other people present in the bar, waited to see what would happen.
The cops entered the Office de Tourisme and nothing happened. I thought they ‘ll soon come looking for me here in the bar, but no, they didn’t. Yeah, yet the did, after some time. I walk up to them, awaiting a speech by the competent authority. And indeed, it happened: they wanted me to clean up the cascas (shit ). I said that I was in great need myself and I was going to clean up the horse poop after I got ready myself. Apparently that was not humorous. The lady in the O de T was kind enough to give me a roll of paper towels. On request I got there a plastic bag too. Right after cleaning everything that monster started pooping right over again. This way we never get away. Jos and I crawled of laughing. I wanted to take a picture of the cops. She didn’t mind, he did. From behind then, I suggested. She wanted to agree but the male officer stayed reluctant. Well, I’ll just shoot you car, I said. He couldn’t forbid that.
Among others we saw a rotten (?) Wild boar and a little group of deer in the distance. They’ll be gone in a moment, once they will spot us, I said. No, says Jos. Let’s see who is right. I, of course, I thought, because I’m 2 months older (I am 63 + 6 months.) And therefore wiser than Jos. But he has the enthusiasm of the youth. Jos also appears to have a good memory for someone who is 63 years + 4 months old, But he should, as he is a lot younger. The deer didn’t run away. Jos was right again. The youth has the future. Jos for sure.

Police did not want to be in the picture, not even from behind. So we photograph the car

Police did not want to be in the picture, not even from behind. then just shooting the car [/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_4186" align = "align none" width = "300"]  also sunshine also had sun [/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_4187" align = "align none" width = "300"]  This is him, Jos This is him Jos [/ caption] [caption id = "attachment_4188" align = "align none" width = "300"]

Dit is hem nou: Jos Dit is hem nou: Jos

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