Monday February 17th 2015 Oignies-en-Thierache 30 km

Many examples of the Ardennes way of house construction: Ardennes rubble with window- and door frames of heavy blue stone, also called Namur stone, and on the corners of the walls blue cornerstones of different sizes. Photo.
Tosca made my distance double again. Right now she is occupied by a cattle rib she found in a garage. The horse irons on the walls here are hanging with the opening downwards. In Europe appears to exist a more or less horizontal line, above which the horse irons hang wrong(!!). North of that line, formed by the rivers Rine and Danube the opening is pointing upward, “otherwise the luck falls out”. That line divides the Netherlands in a North part and a South part. South of that line you do not bother to use two nails for fixing the iron to the wall. In the (my) South only one nail is used to fix the horse shoe to the wall and there the opening is at the bottom. In the divided Netherlands there is discussion about how to fix the horse shoe, just as there is much discussion about Santa Claus. In Belgium and France the iron hangs with the opening down and they are quite happy, so the luck is not lost, opening down. Photo.
Also a picture of one of the many castles. Each village seems to have a castle. Photo. Also a picture of how easily you miss the route because the route marks are small, often marked only once and sometimes the colors are worn.
Many marshy forests. An 80-year-old man showed me an alternative route through the forest and walked a while along, until, yes, yes … the gym club came into the picture. After consuming a few Ieëpener dröpkes (gin) and receiving a T-shirt with on one side the name Harry (that’s also happens to be my name) and on the other hand, the initials (not geni (t) als) of the sports club. I was suddenly told I should not say gym club, but we are a SPORTS club. At gym you think of turning the hands and waving the arms and throwing balloons at each other. We prefer to violate reality by calling our group a sports club.
Jan, president, who seems to technically overrule the average sports level, takes over the camera and records the most salient details. Until after 45 min. or so it turns out that he filmed with the camera pointing in the wrong direction. So only his own, otherwise very striking, head is being filmed. Now the question is whether this is a pity.
The horse is brought to a riding school in the Rue Fir in Oignies-en-Thierache, and next we drive by car another 5 km to our hotel in Haybes.
After horse and dog are well accommodated, we had diner and thus I got blessed with a few days vacation. We do walk viz. the next 3 days, every day going some 20 km. more direction home , but in the evening we are getting back in Haybes Hotel Saint Hubert by car. After 3 days I will be released at the northernmost point that we have reached and I can march on alone again
I’m tired, Adie wah (“bye” in the South-East corner of Limburg- Netherlands).

Tracking mark left corner from home almost invisible Tracking mark left corner from home almost invisible  Tracking mark on home corner Route marker house on corner  Continue route, many dilapidated houses continue route, many dilapidated houses > south of the large rivers hang horseshoes in Europe with the opening down sign at the border stream with picture & # 039; s on former border guard sign at the border stream with pictures of former border guard  border stream with bridge from France to Belgium Border Brook with bridge from France to Belgium  Leon atop the French-Belgian border Leon atop the French- Belgian border [/ caption] Modern house in Mosan style: rubble, heavy window and door frames of Namense stone pillars Modern house in Mosan style: rubble, heavy window and door frames of Namense stone pillars Sports club with some very exquisite ladies
 The sports club treasurer wants to experience how it feels ]  Rocroi, near the Belgian border, almost reached Rocroi, near the Belgian border, almost reached

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