Monday December 1st 2014 Moratinos About 25 km

Breakfast on Monday morning, a little musty all Breakfast Monday, all of us still some musty

Ouwkloete, num mich nit koelek (damn, excuse me). During my short trip today, less than 20 km, everything went fine. Clear sky, bare arms, easy route, happy animals, as they had a good shelter last night, like me, and good food . I wanted to arrive early today at a friendly tavern, so I would get ample time for shopping, personal care, emails, blog, uploading everything, maybe laundry. Olé! After only one hour loss due to going wrong I came in Sahagun on the right path again and I arrived at 2 p.m. allready at the inn Moratinos. Again all alone, meh doa hub ich sh … oan (but I don’t give a d…). Why then this story begin with a curse? It turns out that I forgot the charging cable of my ipad. If I do not very quickly improvise something, I will have to ask Constance, who will come joining me in three weeks, to bring me a new one. In that case, I won’t be on line till about the 17th of Dec. I might ask the owner of this inn in Moratinos to drive me back 20 km. to the previous inn. But now it’s siesta and you may not disturb anyone. Meanwhile, the I-pad will still discharge. So I stop typing before he / she is completely empty. Is Ipad male or female? But empty that doesn’t make any difference. Photo: you look right at the entrance of the dormitory of Moratinos. Left the shower and toilet. That means I have to go outside tonight for the necessary pee. Fancy huh. Just like 100 years ago. Brrr. Tonight there was frost at the ground!
I just entered my inn to get diner served. The dining room has various images of ancient, beautiful naked men pictures. It makes me think. That gives an impression about the nature of the boss here. Everyone his own way. The innkeeper is very nice and helpful and he should be ? He called the yesterday’s inn. Indeed. My cable was found there. After diner we’ll see what we can do, says the innkeeper. Yes what? Get the cable? I pay the fare, I offered. We’ll see, he repeats. I think to myself: after eating, I have to go to bed. Tomorrow I must get up before dawn, more than 30 km to the inn in Carrión de los Condes. The horse will have no shelter there, so tomorrow evening I also need time to find for horse Leon a pole or a tree with grass outside the town. And I need to do some shopping tomorrow. I’m running out of food for my self and for the dog. Maybe I can find a route store. In this little hole is no store. And it’s freezing cold outside. So please organize soon something for that cable and keep an eye upon time please. So you see, with me everything allright. But the difficulty factor built into my journey, manifests itself in all strength: los animalos. I have to keep them at least in a decent shape. Because there are no other pilgrims, the innkeeper allows Tosca inside. Well done. Leon runs freely in the garden and has plenty of grass. So good. I go for a nice shower, but because there is no heating to dry my towel, I help myself with a hefty wad toilet paper to dry myself in the cold. The minimum residual moisture that is left over on my body is dried with my tiny towel. Well, one must improvise. Slowly I see the Ipad getting empty. Unsure about the long day tomorrow, I can go to bed, that cable will be organized, I’ll find another place for dog and horse. I try to call tomorrows inn to know if they are open, but there is no answer. Again and again uncertainties. Tonight I unscrewed the pack-saddle and slightly adjusted it in order to shift the pressure spots in the coat of Leon . Leons plastic packing bag was torn more and I do not use it anymore. Maybe tents-Eddie wants to repair the plastic storage bag around the holidays because they are very convenient. I think that’s not too much work. I’ll try to call him before Christmas. Walking is the least problem. But I assume that my trip will be a succes. As long as the weather is good, that is as long as it stays dry.

Another three weeks and Spain is over. Actually I should leave it very uncertain whether I finish Spain, with the intention that many people contribute to Mama Alice: you can make a donation if I finish Spain. If you donate, then I have the obligation to finish Spain until the French frontier, you know? People, acquaintances and strangers watching me really help encouraging me to continue this adventure. It’s not always doom and gloom though. Physically, I feel very fit. I laugh a lot about the animals, for all sorts of things that I see. Don’t use the brains and focus ahead on infinity .

So, “me voilà”, here I am again. It is evening. Diner is finished. And now? My cable? I ask the innkeeper. Look, you are reading this in a minute, but I am worrying for hours , how I must organize everything. Soon I’ll go get that cable he says. Wooooow, relief on my side. The i- pad has only 57% capacity left, but now nothing can go wrong any more, so I may just go on typing, the more, the better, ha, ha. A phone call to tomorrows inn . The dog must stay outside overnight, but Tosca can under cover. Fortunately, I got tomorrow’s albergue booked again. I’ll have to look for a meadow for Leon myself. Okido, I have done so often enough. And now get the hell that cable and I want to go to my love nest? as soon as possible . So you see, one moment stress, but if it is fixed again, I’m gonna get sweet dreams, obscured by un poco de vino.
Here comes a postscript.
Who are entering there the inn? The landlady and her husband of yesterday’s  inn. They come and bring the I-pad cabel. Oladeladio! I puun (kiss) her immediately, pat him on the shoulder. Boss, treat these benefactors at my expense. I pushed him into the hand of a financial gift, which he, without looking, and after initially repelling, stuck into his pocket . Soi feliz, I’m happy. The three hostel managers told more detailed stories about puking guests, who ordered breakfast for next day 4 o’clock in the morning, but in the end only left at 6 or 7 etc. And all that for those few lousy euros that guests only have to pay. I joked that I now wanted to drink a lot, though all sick, wanted to leave tomorrow morning at 5. And so we had some fun talk in Spanish. Oladeladio. So you see, ever changing feelings. This is more exciting than every day at that boring computer, wah right!)!
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