Monday August 24th 2015. Going home in camper. Narwik

Rudi en Paulette toasten champagne op het behaalde eindresultaat

Rudi and Paulette toasting champagne on the final result.

Opnames maken over evaluatie

Filmshots on evaluation of the trip.




Vierpersoonshut in Ballangen Camping

Four persons cabin at Ballangen Camping.

Today nothing exciting happened. Sitting in the camper watching the beautiful nature outside: mountains, blue sky, lots of water. But how do people here enjoy themselves? There are quite a few signs of clubs of gunmen (shooting), fishing, hunting, winter outdoor activities? The villages are not a unity. No church with a square and restaurants around it, in the center of a village, like in the rest of Europe. Often no center at all, . Often a gas station is the place where activities are centered. There you get burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches. If that’s the way you like it, o.k.
Even the monster, Tosca, keeps quiet during driving. We enjoy the silence. Slowly the wheels between my ears begin to start turning a little bit. This last year, my brains were  occupied with only one theme: how do I survive this day? I start getting mails with agenda dates that I have to take into account. A lot of work home is waiting to be done
. But … take it easy. Do not let them make you wild. Take it easy man.
We stop at  Ballangen camping at Narvik. Can I have the cheapest room or cabin? Once again I get a cabin with 4 sleeping places. For example, dog Tosca could have taken two girlfriends with her. Unnecessary luxury. Wearing with my torn, so contemporary, flannel shirt I do not impress as a luxurous man, I’d say. And yet a 4-persons cabin. But o.k., just a few times more kicking off my balls financially and I’ll be home.
In the camping kitchen there is an electric stove, oven, microwave, but no pots, cans, pan or plate. But Paulette is the saving angel with her kettles. Today, for a change, pasta again, but this time prepared differently. Without cheese (forgotten somewhere), without Tosca’s leftovers and without sausage: forgotten somewhere. I suspect Tosca for hiding those sausages somewhere. You bet!
A quiet day, which, like always, ends in bed.


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