Monday August 17 the 2015 Gargia Fjellstue 27 km.

Another beautiful day. Cloudy. Norway at its best. I always hear about those beautiful summer days in Northern Norway, with temperatures way up in the 20 degrees C.  Yes, in the sun probably. But temperature should be measured under standard conditions, and one condition is that it is measured in the shadow. Fortunately, there is a cool wind. Only literally, because figuratively it starts to become a bit more of the same. Trot, trot, trot, along the Heavenly road. A lonesome cowboy, far away from home. I believe that those weeks of Nordkalottleden with 30 kilo on my back perhaps delighted my mind, but physically made me end up with some kind of overweight syndrome. When I rest, I feel super, but when I walk I’m tired soon and regularly those sensitive ribs show up. Normally, such a pain is not over after a few days of rest. That can take weeks. But well, I can rest when I’m home. Only, it bothers me while walking. It takes more time this way.
The route ran all day long over an easy going but bumpy road, with “knauwele” (coarse, large stones). But I did not have to go through swamps or rocky fields, so happy, happy? It was much up and down though, so many sweat droplets fell down.
In the early morning beautiful mist, beautiful light. For the rest actually the same like yesterday, so there is not much to report about. In the fjell stue room there is nothing else to do. All right. At this moment, I don’t feel like endless talking anyway. And because I’m tired I end blogging. Yammy, yammy and to the bed.

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