Monday April 20th 2015. Haderslev, 18 km. and at least 8 extra

Mooie avondkleuren in Ostrum Logum op zondagavondNog een foto in Ostrum Logum zondagavond yesterday- Sunday-evening – Ostrum Logum

Mijn gastvrouw. Morgen is ze 50 j. getrouwd, met dezelfde. Tomorrow my landlady will be married 50 y. with the same one!
   Ontbijt maandagmorgen breakfast Monday morning

Door stukken moeras, zoals ik me voorstel van Lapland Passing wet moors like I assume Lapland will be 
De Ossenweg, ook Haerweg genoemd, is goed aangegevenOchsenweg, also Haervejen, is well indicated

Onderweg veel infoborden over de geschiedenis van de route On the road much information about the old trail 
  Bij een steen met runetekens stond dit bord met verklaring van het runeschrift Explanation of Rune (Viking) letters along the trail

Nog een verklaringsbord. Dus ook een beetje historie/ cultuur onderweg Much info, so also a little culture during the trail
     Ook nog info over die ossen die mij vóórgingen Also info about the ochses who came here before me

Grafheuvel van 1000 à 1500 voor Chr. Grave mounds of 1500-1000 BC

Verdwalen lukt moeilijk Getting lost is difficult 

Weer een eeuwenoud bruggetje op de Ossenweg. De waterloop is wel veranderd!Another centuries old bridge on the Haervejen
       Close up bruggetje van Immervad Close up of bridge of Immervad

The riverbed changed

Als ik 't goed begrijp is de huidige situatie van het bruggetje uit 1786                       image    A wooden sculpture of an oxdealer (the early European cowboys) or of a pilgrim?

image The shell on the brest of this lady shows she is a pilgrim

Mooie route met veel bloemen en bloesem. De reuk "bezwangerde" de lucht spring flowers, good sents    Ook het bij ons schaarse holkruid staat hier veel in de bermen “Holkruid”in Dutch. Rare in the Nl

Hier natuurlijk ook al megastallen. De jeugd heeft de toekomst Here too megafarms. This is the future?

Bunker als onderdeel van de noordelijke Duitse verdedigingslinie in de 1e wereldoorlog                                                               Uitleg over de Duitse linie Explanation about the German lines

Bunker as part of the German Northern defense line in world war I

Haderslev is een leuk plaatsjeHaderslev is a nice little town         Haderslev lijkt ook heel leefbaar Haderslev also seems to be a pleasant town to live

De Dom van Haderslev Haderslev dom church      De domme in Haderslev The dummy in Haderslev Gezellig centrale pleintje, waar mijn pilsje 7 E kostte Nice quare

where a beer cost 7 E

Laatste indruk van Haderslev Last impression of Haderslev   Mijn voorbereiding van de 26-30 km. voor morgen, dinsdag My preparation for tomorrow’s 26-30 km, Tuesday

Yesterday evening we walked around the block (around the village)  in late evening sun. A few photos taken of beautiful farms, the church and that’s about it in Ostrum Logum.
This morning, I asked my very friendly landlady, if I could get breakfast. Oh yes, of course. A little wiser by now, I asked her upstairs or downstairs? So upstairs. The son brought it to me But I must admit, breakfast was very much. See picture. This does not mean that I ate almost everything. AMe still being a little bit typical Dutchman, I take with me, cheap, like Dutch are known for, a couple of sandwiches for the afternoon; my empty Coke bottle I filled with the orange juice,  and thus the little piggy got ready for the new day.
It is a great walking day: wonderful weather, beautiful route through hollow roads, with beautiful vegetation, like the in the Netherlands rare  “holkruid”. Hilly, old bridge, More than 1000 y. old burial mounds, a boulder with runic characters from the Viking period (about 800 after Christ). See pictures. So it was pleasant. Again very quiet, but that I often enjoy most.
I had a short break in the village Mastrup. At a bus stop were three chairs along the way. One for my backpack, one for me and one for a possible visitor, who of course was not there. In the local supermarket I bought three kilograms of food for Tosca. Smaller portions were not there. Of course I’ll have to drag that extra weight along again. Gei groeëter lead es me what is zelf adeit (the greatest sorrow one inflicts on himself).
I think Denmark is very clean : little litter, no smog, the busy shopping streets are quiet, the people make a controlled impression. But yeah, I’m here only the 2nd day. But my beer on the terrace, now at 5.30 pm is very expensive. About 7 E.

Afin, before 3 pm I already was at my destination. Putting my tent , inspecting the surroundings. Not even a chicken in the road. Tosca, as usually, urged to rest a few hours, fixed to a tree next to my tent. That is eay and quiet for me too for a while. Sorry for Tosca? Come on! She must have learned to be alone for a moment for a while. I am so often. In fact, I think by now she is used to waiting all alone a couple hours. But hey, I never know whether she is turning things upside down when I am away. So even without Tosca I am a bit worried about her behaviour. And then I walked to the town. Nice place. I thought I’m going to swim, my students sport. No, no free swimming today. And that way I arrived at this terrace in central Haderslev. At 4 pm the center was full packed. Now, at half past five, there is no f … to do. Probably they all  have to go to mother mamma for yammie yammie (what an old-fashioned idea, huh).
Back at the campsite, I made a movie before my tent. Unique, because this is only the 3rd time I am camping, if you don’t count my adventures in the open sky of Andalusia in Oct.
According to the waitress  the town is busier in the evening, so I decide to return slowly heivesch (home) to the campsite, where the action is, wild life. It sure will be. Probably silence like everything is sealed mit Tute (with bags). On verra.
So I added an additional few km from the campsite on the edge of town to the city center and, of course, also back.
Tomorrow to Kolding, at least 26 km. I do not use tape on my feet anymore. The blisters are healed and if I touch you with my foot, you back (or whatever) will be scratched open, so rough is my foot skin. But don’t worry, my fingertips suffer less, ha, ha !!!
Because I got a voucher at my camp site for an Italian, that’s the place where I am now. Tosca is fixed outside, to a tree. Eating outside on the terrace near Tosca,  is not allowed. Fie, why so strict? but o.k. Now is time to fill my belly.

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