Monday 3rd of August 2015. Last vacation day in Kilpisjärvi.

Hoofdingang hotel Kilpisjärvi

Main entrance of hotel Kilpisjärvi

Mijn slaapbarak met gemeenschappelijke keuken en tv-kamer

My sleep barrack with shared kitchen and shared TV room

Enige wifiplek, de hotellobby, waar ik dus veel tijd doorbracht

The only place with wifi, the lobby of the hotel, where I spent much time

Weinig arenden gezien, maar àls je er een ziet...

I didn’t see many eagles but if you see one…

Passing time in the Kilpis hotel. If I would pay for 4 nights, I got the 5th night for free. Fine. If I’m too early at Cape North’ I’ll have to hang out a bit, until film maker Rudi has reached me with his camper from the Nl. Rudi wants to follow me the last 10-14 days of my trip and he wants to film my arrival at Cape North. So filling up time now. But Tosca is bored and I’m beginning to get fed up with doing nothing. “By now I know the cd from the lobby of Kilpishotel by head , some Russian influenced tango music, and dramatic sounding Russian singing, often in three quartz waltz, but also CapeVerdian Caesaria’s “Besame Mucho”, while nobody shows up for that “besame mucho.” Next the Swedish group, wasn’t it Abba ?, who were so popy in the 1980s and of course “Hotel California”.
Another 530 km. to go.
Dutchman Ton, who arrived with companion Eric yesterday, is interested in taking over dog Tosca. Ton lives in Groningen, in the countryside, walks a lot. It’s an option. Home we already have Joep, a very dominant male Dutch shepherd and Joep with Tosca together will be a big problem.
Because I had nothing to do and Tosca got a little bored, I was going for a 5 km. walk to a restaurant. There I had a sandwich with a hot chocolat, some reading in a few photo books about the Sami. Next walking back 5 km. again . At the side of the road many orchids. On the way of course, again drizzling, or should I say it didn’t drizzle for a few minutes? Glass half full or half empty?
It’s another evening. Enjoying a nice meal together with Ton and Eric who had gone to the sauna and then jumped into the lake. Brrrr.
I wanted to make a picture, but the camera was empty again. Perhaps I’ll see them on their way somewhere, and filming in the mountains is much more interesting than here in such a kitchen.
Just a few pictures posted at the Sunday blog. Especially that of the sauna is fascinating. Haha.
For the next 7 to 9 days, I do not have wifi, so no blog, or I would have to hurry very much, which seems unlikely, considering the weight of the backpack. I only have food for 8 days, so the 9th day I have to be in the inhabited world, namely Kautokeino. There I’ll take a break for a couple of days, before I start at the final stretch of 350 km. to Cape North. Hold on man. Yes I will!

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