Tuesday May 12th 2015. Espa 19 km

Elandenpoot Tosca with her moose leg       Espa  image      image

                                   Wooden shed in Espa

Paul and Oesj preferred two mattresses on the floor in the “living”. Therefore the living room had to be emptied: a few chairs and the table were moved to the kitchen. Sonja and I each had two bunk beds, but, of course, each one of us only needed one. As dog Tosca was tired, we allowed her in Sonja and my room. After an exhausting day, she is always ausrangiert, so letting her in our bedroom seemed justified.
The toilet was 50m. away. Behind the door “Ochsen” was a shelf with two holes, so one could socialize doing his needs. Behind the door “Kuhe” the same.
By a scenic route along lakes, through forests with lots of rocky, swampy trails, interspersed with moose droppings, we reached a 4 km. wide forest with thick, old pines, a primeval forest according to friend Paul’s book. I didn’t see any thick pines. Moreover, an ancient forest of 4 km. wide did not seem very impressing to us. A capercaillie flew away from a tree. This is the largest wild gallinaceous in Europe, almost as big as a turkey and extremely rare. Paul heard some rustling and suspected another moose, that we almost did see, but missed again. Could also be a near-lynx. In retrospect, we think the primeval wood was the part of our trail where there were no more trees!
Around 4 pm we arrived at pavilion Nordre Hestnes (dashed by the o) Gard at Espa: no running water, toilets in the cottage 50 m away through the wet grass.. No heating: two rooms, one downstairs and one upstairs with kitchen and beds and many extra mattresses. Outside it rains continuously. The hostess here says that lynx and wolves are shot, before they can eat the calves in the spring. Our trip is getting cooler all the time. We almost think that we belong here. Only the temperature and the daily rain we don’t appreciate very much.
Our landlady says she has a daughter who is married in Scotland. Again and again I meet people with relatives abroad. Another indication that the world is mostly populated by ethnic minorities. Immigrants, just like us in Norway.
Diner at the only restaurant in the entire area, viz. Right next to our cabin.


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