Wednesday March 25th 2015. Bad-Bentheim – Rheine. About 26 km

 image Gonny and Niek were so kind to bring me to Bad-Bentheim, where I asked at the Informations Bureau how exactly the Töddenweg was indicated. Do you want to speak Dutch or German, asked the friendly man behind the counter. I chose Deutsch because Übung macht den Meister.( practice makes you a master).
It was nice weather as opposed to the weather forecast. Through a beautiful forest on a rocky hill containing a real little canyon I came back in the flat scenic landscape with its meadows, fields, ditches and windbreaks. Tosca could mostly run free and chased roe deer and boar, sometimes changing to fowl: ducks, pheasants and if nothing better: a crow. The route was easy to find. Many place names are as in eastern Dutch dialect, eg. The  streetview Rheine Streetview Rheine  Mignon and children and Niek Mignon and children and Niek  From L to R Mignon, Serge and Gonnie From L to R Mignon, Serge and Gonnie.
But it should not be too perfect. At noon the sun disappeared and near Rheine traffic got more busy, streets long before I came into the center. I was going to take the train to go back to Hengelo in the Nl, where until Friday my home is located at Mignon and Serge’s. I bought a ticket at the Station and next I quickly circled the church in downtown Rheine. It was market day and I saw many people who looked like immigrants. It seems there has been much damaged in the war, because most of the center was new.
I’ve been thinking about my walking schedule. So I am about 10 days ahead of my program. How to handle that? Taking a long pause, to go home for Easter? Moving on as fast as possible, to reach Cape North before winter? Skipping a few hundred kilometers and catching it up when my companions will arrive at the scheduled place, which then is a couple days back? I should just go and call them. Friday Rudy will come filming. So today no sensation, or is that still to come?
Mignon told about her work : a young ? lady in her early 40’s , who collapsed and had to be resuscitated . Brrr .
Serge taught me that the license plates of cars from the former German Hanseatic cities start with H, for example . For Hamburg HH, HB Bremen , Lubeck HL etc.
Consultation with E and L on their possible participation in the coming weeks on this adventure.

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