Wednesday March 11 2015 Lanaken (Belgium)

Las ichas estan un poco infermas. I hope I have not forgotten it yet, Spanish. The (grand) children, 1.5 and 2.5 j., are a little sick. The advantage is that at least they are at home (not in school), when I visit them half a day in Belgian Lanaken.
Yesterday filming by the filmmakers, today socializing with Judith and Claudine in the office of Peruvian wellfare program Mama Alice in Maastricht. Tomorrow on the road with pony Leon and dog Tosca, for some recordings for the filmmakers. Thursday our regional T.V. “Krijtland” wil come recording and Friday newspaper De Limburger etc. In between family and friends.
There is little time left for preparation of future tracks. This morning I bought a one person lightweight tent, lightweight sleeping bag. By now I have 3 options for horse Leon: either he goes back to the stables in Overijssel where he comes from, or he goes to a friend Pierre, who has horses and pastures, or he’ll stay home with me. In that last case he will be sold. Because when he stays with me he is alone, he will no longer be used and will gain weight quickly in the large meadow. When going back to Overijssel, he would again be ridden by riding Stal ‘t Relaer in Raalte. Anyway, it looks like my trip now will get other traits: after 3200 km. walking with “ponyanddog”, from now on we will be a duo instead of a threesome: Duo: dog Tosca and I. So no more 2-3 hours a day “├»nfrastructuring” about were to leave my horse, more time for socializing and for companions. Going on with the horse would just be more of the same and I think it’s “time for a change.” I have now learned that trekking through Europe with a horse is like “pulling a dead horse (Dutch expression). The roads are not meant for horses like in the old days, paths are blocked by fences, gates, barriers etc. Without tel., Computer, GPS, car one can’t endure longer than one or two weeks. So why longer torment ourselves with almost-impossibilities? In Norway it is still more impossible to traverse the country by horse. Mountain trails, where boulder to boulder steps are better for goats than for a horse and marshes may be good for a moose with his wide feet, but not for a packpony. I do not even mention the millions of mosquitoes. I can dress well there, but poor Leon. So, as Constance said, “new insights” lead to abandonment of our Leon.

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