Monday June 8th 2015. Vegset Camping near Snåsa 31 km

Hut nr. 6 is voor ons. Geen water, wel elektriciteit. Wifi in hoofdkeet.

Langs de E 6 de hele dag. Prachtig landschap en... zon!

Along route E 6 de nice scenery and … Sun!

Ik zie al 3 maanden narcissen

I have been seeing dandilions for 3 months

Middagpauze aan het meer waar ik al 2 dagen langs loop

Lunch break at the lake that I have been walking along for two days


Uitnodigende w.c., ook voor gehandicapten. Al te ruiken van verre!

Inviting toilet, also for disabled. I smell it from far away!

Rolstoelteken op deur. Li- onder rot een plank weg

Weel chair sign on the door. Below left a shelf is rotten


Gevaarlijke verkeerssituaties. Niet te doen met een pony

Dangerous situation. Impossible with a pony

Geen uitwijkmogelijkheden. Wat als twee vrachtwagens zich kruisen?

No room. What if two trucks meet?

Deze kan gelukkig een beetje uitwijken

This one can go aside

Aankomst camping

Arrival at camping

Hut nr. 6 is voor ons. Geen water, wel elektriciteit. Wifi in hoofdkeet.

Cabin nr. 6 is for us. No water, but there is electricity, wifi in main building.


Once more complaining about the weather: the forecast was good again today. Indeed, the sun was shining in the very early morning. Then you can not sleep well anymore. There are no curtains here. But though the sun was shining, when I left it was raining already. After a few hours the sun showed up at times between showers of rainfall and probably they call that “good weather” here. So good is relative. Nearby, there is a natural reserve, known for its orchids and orchid adorns the coat of arms of the community. But I have not seen any of those flowers yet. However, still the wood anemones, that I see in the Belgian Ardennes, in early March. Daffodils that I saw in the Nl. in March, I’m still seeing (photo) here. Masses of siskins birds, especially on the dandelions, which are bigger here than ours and now are blooming en masse. Oddly, I still see no raptors. Very much fieldfares that here seem to take the place of our Dutch blackbirds. Also occasionally cranes and herons, some ducks, many hooded crows, magpies, one Jay, sometimes plovers or a dove, and that’s about it. No tits. On the mountains around the lakes is still some snow. The tree line is remarkably low. After all, I gradually approach the Arctic Circle  The outside temp. is max. 10 degrees C. daytime and 3-4 C. at night. For me, by Dutch standards, it stays winter.
I have a problem. As this is no pilgrim route any more, I am a pilgrim-off. I therefore see no signs of a long-distance trail any more. And here it is so sparsely populated, that there is no network of roads in the same direction. So if I want to go ahead, then I have to take the one major through road and that is the E6, the two-lane highway that runs through Norway from South to North. That’s why today I have taken a lot of pictures of the traffic situation. Advantage of the E6: is easy and fast, you keep your feet dry, can not get lost. Disadvantage: cars and trucks speeding right next to you, which of course is dangerous and also makes a lot of noise. Tosca seems to get used to it, but I’m worried because when she throws her 30 kg. muscles to one side, I can get off balance. Always be careful. Tosca probably is thinking the same thing: if I want to  pick up a beautiful branch from the roadside, I get a tug at my neck; do I want to drink at a puddle of water, Tosca’s leash tugs at my collar. Does a truck scare Tosca, again the towing at my neck . oh woe, she pulls me downhill which is unpleasant; but uphill I want her to drag me. What a fickle master, Tosca thinks. Harrie says I, Tosca, still am young, but he, Harrie, looks like a teenager himself. What a dog’s life.

Since I was contacted last week by Zus J. of Wageningen (Nl), who wants to walk with her horse and dog 600km. from Wageningen (Nl) to Bavaria (Germany) next autumn, I also make some pictures of dangerous traffic situations, which she should  consider seriously. I’m glad I no longer have my horse Leon with me here. Pictures.
At a
Raststätte I had lunch at a beautiful spot at a lake. The temp. in the shadow of 10 degrees C. was in the sun  probably a little higher. Hiep hoi! A chance for my wet cape to dry. I finished half of the bread and cheese from the Coop store this morning. Tosca took a quick nap, always in the shade. I don’t think she likes the sun. The place was anounced with a sign, which also anounced a toilet for disabled people. I smelled it from afar. I’m afraid if you squeeze in there with a wheelchair, you come out even more disabled, if you get out at all. Why does everyone defecate (poop) in the same place, while nature here is so vast? Because we are civilized?
Running on the motorway was fairly compensated by the beautiful nature. Only, the prospect that I have to stay on this road a whole week was not very appealing. Tomorrow I’ll be in the town of Grong. I want to go to a hostel there, though I know that no dogs are allowed. Maybe it’s a bit cozy in such a traveler accommodation, and a little chatting is always a delight. Though I didn’t expect very much. Even out in the Norwegian jungle passers by don’t greet. For example. the very few cyclists, or anyone who works in the garden at a remote farm. This does not mean that they are unkind, because if you speak to someone, you will get a friendly response. I hope in Grong will be a tourist office, where they can help me follow the route and find overnight stays. The tent I find no serious option in this weather, but all right, if I have to. Talking about having to: just as ridiculous as that oldfashioned insipid joke of the first class secondary school: a mouse and an elephant came home and said: we want to get married. That’s impossible. And what if we have to? One of the endless series of mouse-elephant jokes. One even more stupid than the other. Such situation is no longer of this time and moreover so bland, you must already be tipsy, to appreciate it. Ha, ha.

After 31 km. we arrived unannounced on Vegset campsite near the village of Snåsa, pronounce snoza. My mnemonic is “sjnotsnaas” (nose mucus). That way I can remeber. The lady at the reception hears my explanation of why I want a low budget accommodation. I get the cabin for half the price. Oladeladio! And food? We do not have. But after a pear cider and two coffees she promised to make me a hamburger tonight. What time? We agreed 7am and just make two, I said. The man with two nice, not too thin, daughters sitting at a table next to mine, responded with: you do not mind if I inform the local newspaper? Go ahead, I said. The last two times this happened was in France. I wonder if some journalst will come. About the two well fed, adolescent daughters he reported that their mother, his first wife, was a Samen. Here in the mountains live all together six Samen families. Do you want to go there? Unfortunately reaching my goal (Cape North) was more important again than the social / cultural aspects of my trip.
And the outstanding question  remains about where to leave Tosca in Hemavan Tarnaby in Sweden, when June 23 I’ll be going back home to Limburg province for a week. And how to get to Hemavan-Tarnaby (Sweden) at the airport in Mo I Rana, 180 km. more North of Hemavan in Norway. I think I have to arrive in Hemavan a couple days in advance and then ask the man / woman in the street, where they leave their sweety when they go for a trip. Will be improvising again. On verra (name of the movie Rudi is going to make about my trip).
After my hamburgers I hear that tomorrow I’ll get an interview between eight and eight thirty something. I’m curious. Tomorrow, only 24 km. to go to the town of Grong. All those people who want to walk along with me: Do not worry. With fellow hikers I adjust the distances downward. That’s why I work in advance now. What a trip. Cool, especially after this beer.

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