January 14 2015. Souterre. Some 20 plus km.

One of the many things that I often check is the weather forecast. All morning rain. Bah! Until now those tiny little showers didn’t bother me much. The little rain I got here mostly has been drizzling rain, although torrential rains happen here also, given the frequent floods I accounter. Fortunately I didn’t experience those. While walking I think of all kinds of everything for my blog, but in the evening I have forgotten most of it again. Along the way many place names with the letters OU in it, see picture.                              From Connie, I believe, I had learned that in this region the roofs do not have pots, but slates. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. With Leon’s usual pulling me to the side and dog Tosca’s pulling me to all sides, we arrived without too many difficulties in Souterre.                                            The not so very old landlady received me with tea, pancakes and all regards that I think a semi pilgrim deserves. A year ago she started here with this refuge. Originally she comes from the Champagne region in the North of France.
Tosca is allowed outside under a shelter or in a stable ( I choose the first) and Leon in a pasture with good grass, tied to a tree next to the house. Soon  after me 2 other hosts arrived: two friends of her, also from Champagne, to come and help her a few days with painting the refuge. Yet again a few moments later an elderly English lady came in, who has been living here since many years. We’re going to have diner all five together. So that is a nice idea. She asked me if I want to drink an aperitif. The alcohol will cause still more laughing. It boosted my already good mood because once again I succeeded in arranging a reservation for Friday night. Whoopee!


many letters OU
Old cage for treating a horse
Leon in a meadow next to the house
A semi-pelegrino being treated as he deserves
At the right the English lady
Left my landlady
Next morning before leaving

Geef uw mening