Friday December 19 th 2014 Roncevalles (Spain) to St. Jean Pied de Port (Fr). 34 km.

A snorer, who also talked while sleeping, rejoyced our night. Because once again there was no heating, Jan and I hung our clean washed underwear on the piece of a ventilation pipe that protruded from the wall and that blew fresh air into the dormitory. See picture.

 drying underwear on hot air vent pipe in dormitory drying underpants on hot air vent pipe in dormitory

The wet socks were put on top of the fluorescentlight  tubes above the sink mirror. Constance had limited choice concerning beds. Among others the bunk above Jan or the bed besides Harry. Jan warned Constance that at least Harry was dressed at night. What has that got to do with her? Jan arranged for tomorrow morning that once we would arrive in the French village of St. Jean Pied de Port, he would be picked up there in France and be brought back to Spain, to continue his way home to Barcelona by bus and by train. Suddenly, during the walk, a taxi coming along stops and asks Jan quizzically, Jan? Oui! I’ll  bring you back to Spain tomorrow. The cab driver passed us several times during the day, each time honking to Jan. Jan is becoming a celebrety during his life and is making friends forever.

Is there anywhere here a village with a bar for our much needed caffeïnshot? No. All right, we’ll take a break along the way. Where is that fancy fay, who allows us some coffee? Instantly our wish was fulfilled: Constance, we may say Con, served from a kind of magic mini thermos 3 cups of coffee. There we go, with new energy .

A few hours later, several scattered houses in the distance. Let’s just crack a house to use the coffee machine. So imagine our surprise there was a bar and it was even open too. The animals got tied up outside in the parking lot, cozy together. See picture. Picnic lunch.

Baskische bar met parkeerplaats Basque bar parking lot at the gas station. 

Leon, mijn diesel, moet even bijtankenLeon my diesel should refuel

Dog Tosca got a rabbit skeleton, that the innkeeper butcher yesterday had given to me. Horse Leon came begging for bread, so she had to be chased away all the time. See picture.

Picknik on road from Roncesvalles in Spain to St.Jean P P in France

A while later another car stopped with two men, separated by a pit cat who was sitting between them, with one or more rings in her face, among others through her nose. When I was a child only natives in Africa had a bull ring through the nose. Other times, other morals, my late father-in-law used to say. You must wear yellow vests, says the driver. Then you are better visible in the fog. I answer him, if you pay less attention to that pierced beauty next to you, you will see us better.
Along the way we came across a meadow , which was almost all covered white with all softened , trampled bread. A week ago I was warned by my Swiss landlady of the centro hippico , do not give Leon more than ahalf a loaf , or he gets colics and might die. These horses looked just fine, in spite of the bread . Perhaps the dead corpses had been cleaned up ? So much nonsense is told .
We arrived at the border, but had hardly noticed it. We decided not to reveal whether we crossed the border , before everyone has sent 10 E to Mama Alice.

] rather rather easy if you know how to speak Basque 

 Now Constance strengthen the ranks. Raincoat, break, etc. Now Constance strengthens the ranks. Raincoat on, off, on, etc.
   Instead The slippery mountain path, we decided to walk on the (quiet) road over the pass Instead of the slippery, snowy mountain path we decided to walk across the (quiet) road over the pass  image

 A good fairy conjured coffee the only  A good fairy conjured coffee at the pass .Picknick oalong the road from Roncesvalles in Spain to St. Jean P P in France

After living in Spain for many years , Jan also spanicified somehow. In Spain they love water features

Another water picture of Jan

Kerkhof, voor Jan? Graveyard for Jan?

Keramiek hoofdjes. Artistiek element in de wildernisCeramic heads. Artistic element in the wilderness

    another mystical atmosphere by drifting clouds another mystical atmosphere by drifting clouds.
Op de stijle, kale hellingen geiten, schapenGoats  on the steep, bare slopes 
'S winters is het ook hier vies weer. RegenvoorzieningIn winter it is dirty again. Door with rain provision
 Safe sense that carcasses. If we have nothing left to eat we always can have Tosca's leftovers & # 039; s eat meals on ?! Safe feeling those carcasses. If we have nothing left to eat, we can always eat Tosca’s leftovers

 Direction France Direction France. Will we pass the border or won’t we? Depending on your donation for Mm Alice

De grens over? Doetie 't of doetie 't niet? Shall we cross the border?

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