Friday May 29th 2015. Farm Sundet Gård at Buvika, 19 km south of Trondheim, 18 km.

Bijna einde van bergtocht. Fjord in zicht Almost at the end of my mountain trail. Reaching the fjord. My landlord comes to pick me up with a boat                         Mijn herbergier komt me ophalen met de roeiboot                     Dalijk word ik door mijn hospess naar de overkant geroeid

My landlord will row me across the fjord

Gezellige, maar karige pelgrimshut: water, elektro en wc buiten. Wel houtkachel  Comfortable, but simple pilgrims cabin: water, electricity and toilet outside. There was a wood stove.

One more night sleeping and sister Francien will come to join me. Francien and her then-boyfriend Hubert, to whom she also got and stayed married, and I studied together in Nijmegen, where I met my Sonja. Our children are about the same age. So we have a closeness that settled during decades. So reason anough to look forward to her arrival.
Today I had only one shower of rain, from start to finish. My Olavs way booklet wanted to send me back into the wet jungle, while there was also a gravel road as an alternative. So I chose the last one. However during several kilometers the path was covered with new, coarse, sharp gravel. My shoes, which are getting worn, don’t like that at all. With a horse this would have been absolutely impossible.
I notice a lot of siskins, a rather rare, but beloved wild songbird in aviaries in the Netherlands. Here they are as abondant as sparrows in the Netherlands. Blackbirds are few. Instead of blackbirds there are a lot of other thrush-like birds, viz. Fieldfare. All crows are hooded crows. Many “beverkes” a kind of grass uncommon in my country, at the side of the road. Masses primroses and violets and still I see anemones  throughout the wood, that flowers in the Netherlands in March . It’s not dark until midnight. Afterwards I do not know, but anyway before 3 a.m. it’s dawn.
At noon I reached Buvika, with its church and supermarket. There was a cafeteria where one could eat as much as you want for an acceptable price. I also tried. What shall I do this afternoon? Going on another 19 km. to Trondheim, or soon trying to find something for the night and then tomorrow to Trondheim? If I go to Trondheim now, I’ll be there late tonight. In that case tomorrow Tosca will have nothing to do and will start being obnoxious. So I keep the last stage for tomorrow.
Just before Buvika I leave the mountains / hills and get back to the water of the fjord. I’m almost in Trondheim, end of the 1000 years old pilgrimage route the Olavs way to “Nidaros”, Trondheim, 640 km. I call pilgrims inn / farm Sundet Gard and the innkeeper / farmer comes rowing across the fjord, to pick me up. Pictures. We climb from the bank of the fjord 100 m. straight up the mountain along to his farm. A cottage some 150 m. away from the farm is for sitting and sleeping, without water, electricity or wifi but with a wood stove. Right next to the cottage a little cabin with wc / shower and electricity. I  lit the stove right away to dry my belongins. Tosca must remain outside, on the wooden, covered veranda and I will go to sleep early due to the lack of light (candles are there, luxury).


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