Friday May 15th 2015 to Pilegrimsherberget Konfirmantsalen near Veldre near Brumunddal, about 24 km


Ik dacht even: Sonja? Fata morgana? For a moment I thought: Sonja? Fata morgana?

Kathedraal dichter bij

Ruin of Hamar cathedral covered by glass structure

Ruïne kathedraal nog eens

Once more

Streekmuseum Hamar

Olavs way passes through natural history museum

Nog eens streekmuseum Museum of natural history


Dat hoort ook er bij This is also part of it

Klokkenspel in Hedmarkmuseum op schiereiland Domkirkeodden bij Hamar

Chime in Hedmark Museum in Hamar at Peninsula Domkirkeodden

Prachtig weer, prachtige wandeling lans Mjosameer

Walking along lake Mjosa

Prachtig, prachtig, allemachtig


Alweer een reeënpoot gevonden. Lijkt wel of die hier groeien Another roe deer. Looks like those are growing here

Dit is na 30 min. Over van de reeënlekkernij 30 min. later this is all that left of that roe deer leg

Indruk van route Impression of the scenery

Mijn 2e eland, dit maal op markt van Blumunddal My second moose. Now on Blumunddal market

Moderne centrum van Blummunddal Modern center of Blumunddal

Einddoel van vandaag: Veldre Todays finish: Veldre

Nog eens de hutte in de namiddagzon My pilgrim’s lodge in the evening son

Onbemande hutte voor de nacht, met alles er op en er aan All alone in my lodge with everything that should be in a hostal

Avondwandeling naar kerkje Veldre

Evening walk to Veldre church

Kerkje Veldre dichterbij, beetje scheef gefotofrafeerd!

Veldre church closer

Lijkt hier wel Z-Europa

Looks like Southern Europe

Van hier weer terug naar " huis" From the church back “home” to my lodge again

This day is beautiful. Clear sky, no more cold wind.
First, buying a new camera. That took time, but, fist doing what is necessary.
A magnificent route, the first few hours along the banks of Lake Mjøsa. In the distance I could see the white plateau of Dobrefjell where I will arrive in a few days. I hope that the weather gods are benevolent with me, because then can melt at least a lot of snow. I have to walk several days at 1500 m. altitude, carrying food for Tosca and for me for several days. so that means a heavy backpack. Moreover my probably wet feet will not dry in the mostly unmanned, so unheated cabins. A daunting challenge. the Dovrefjell plateau, where still live musk oxen, who also live on the North Pole. Mmm, I’m curious. On verra. I’ve gotten here, so probably I’ll make it until there too. But then I remember the American of the film Into the Wild, who didn’t survive his trip in the wilderness.
Again I am amazed that I see no boat or surfer on the water. However, there are here and there some motorboats in mini harbors, or in people’s porches. Sailboats hardly any. Where are still the vikings? Only in books and movies? Strange.
In a park in Hamar I thought I ran into Sonja. Mirage? See picture. On the headland the Domkirkeodden, at Hamar, is the ruin of the old Romanesque cathedral of Hamar. There is a large glass structure built over it to prevent further weathering. Pictures. On the same headland is a regional museum, the Hedmarksmuseum where my route runs right through. A chime from 2004 of which they are proud, (picture). Every hour a different melody is being played. Pictures.

At the end of the afternoon I actually sweat a little. I always keep a pace with which my metabolism remains more or less constant. So I hardly sweat. I would almost think that I was mistaken in the Scandinavian weather, so beautiful.
In the town Blumunddal I take a long break. I need to know if I should buy here provisions also for tomorrow during the day and for tomorrow evening. So at a gas station, outside in the sun, while enjoying a hot sandwich and a cup of coffee, I quickly study my route books. Turns out I did not quite follow the route. That route is very little described in the book that I took over from friend Paul a couple days ago. So just walking quite a distance back, then buying the necessary stuff in a supermarket and now onward inland, away from the lake, looking for the way to Veldre. Veldre is nowhere signposted, I do not find it on my GPS, so it may well be a lot of zig sawing, uphill, downhill through the Norwegian country.
Tosca finds another deer leg and finishes it the next hour almost completely. Pictures. It seems those legs grow here. Tosca does not need her normal afternoon little energy boost.  Besides she should not be too heavy.
A man comes cycling along, drawn by two huskies who apparently are trained to do so. The animals wear dog shoes. Ha, that does not need my Tosca at all.
Again I go wrong somewhere. That implies a few km. extra, but in this nice weather that is not too bad, although I must say that such backpack starts getting heavy near the end of the day.
Nowhere in the guides is the address of the Pilegrimsherberget Konfimantsalen in Veldre where I want to go to. Then the search gets difficult. But then, if necessary, we have a mouth. Finally, around 5 pm. I arrive at my inn. The door is open. Of course quite alone, like mostly, I enter the quite red, wooden, two-story building. Of course beds, blankets, kitchen with stored provisions, showers, electricity. What does a man want more? Helas, no Wifi!  You can not want everything. I’m supposed to leave 12E plus money for used food. A price list is in the kitchen.
After the  good atmosphere of the past few days the loneliness depresses somewhat, but hey, what may a common pilgrim expect? Look at the positive side. Maybe la solitude purifies the soul. Jesus in the desert! Catharsis. 
I film here, take some photos, write in my blog, while Tosca is sleeping next to me, next I start studying the route for the next few days. Then diner and then off to dreamland.

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