Friday March 20th 2015 from Leuth to Beek in Achterhoek. 27 km.

Schoonma voor haar foto's Mother in law in front of her pictures/ Also pictures of my own grandchildren, so very nice
Tosca has no problem with cold. Always in icy waterMistroostig of geheimzinnig weer? Grumpy or mysterious weather?Routes and memoy-boards of the 2nd World war, among others at GroesbeekRoutes and memoy-boards of the 2nd World war, among others at Groesbeek
Millingen dike. Where exactly is that ferry? width=Tosca wacht op veer Millingen-Tolhuis Tosca waiting for the ferry Millingen-TolhuisNiet te doen met pony Leon Impossible with horse Leon North of Beek-Achterhoek. Impossible with a pony North of Beek-Achterhoek, impossible with a pony A good decision to leave pony Leon home width= A good decision to leave pony Leon home Dangerous even without pony width= even dangerous without ponyTolkamer.Dutch villages are pretty too width= Tolkamer. Dutch villages are pretty too German little chirch in Hoch Elten German little church in Hoch Elten  width= José and Siep walking to me in Montferland”Culturele avond. Siep demonstreert zijn zangtalent in Doetinchem cultural evening. Siep demonstrating his singing talent in Doetinchem
Schoonma voor haar foto's grandma in front of her pictures. grandma is amazing.
Grandma is amazing. All walls are covered with pictures of her dozens of people offspring. (children-in-law included). She remembers everybody’s birthday. And she is always busy, at her 91 th, often far away, by car. Der Mensch muss müssen (a must is necessary) is a known saying of her. La chère belle mère, 90- plus,drives me from Nijmegen back to Leuth, where I stopped last night. Cold, foggy, still a little dark. possible partly due to the eclipse this morning. Beautiful scenery of Ooipolder and Geldersepoort, with its mound farms, historical farms built on a mound to protect against floods. The river Rhine and many waters have a mystic atmosphere. And so we regard the dubious weather as something beautiful. Crossing the Rhine by ferry to Millingen. Nearly two hours I had to wait. Nice place for “infrastructuring”. Even though this infrastucturing has become much easier without a pony, it remains a time-consuming necessary evil. At the bottom of the dike/embankment, I saw two different places at the waterside with a sign “Kievit ferry”, a few hundred meters apart horizontally. Here at the restaurant on top of the embankment, where I spent the waiting time, I asked, at which sign exactly I could find the ferry. Just down off the embankment, was the answer. While walking in the indicated direction I still doubted and went wrong. Luckily I came just in time at the right place.
Just across the German border in Hoch Elten in Germany I walked wrong. But I have, I believe, developed a nose for it. So a quick correction and soon I get back on the right path.
Still I’m in the process of acceptation that I left Leon, the pony, home. But it is absolutely not possible in this busy country, to walk a horse all day. See the pictures. In Montferland I walked to student friend Siep and José’ s, where I would spend the night. They approached me through two parallel paths, Jose on one path and Siep on the other, in order not to miss me. Where are you they asked through my mobile? That’s difficult to say exactly in a forest where you do not know your way. I first met Jose. On to Beek. A small, almost blind dog, a male, followed his instinct and thus Tosca in heat. He almost crashed a car when we had to cross the main road. He aused a traffic jam. Jogging young ladies took care of the enthusiastic old buck, which was hoping for a green leaf.
After strengthening the inside, I went along with Siep, to Doetinchem. Siep has been my friend from college and was one of the official witnesses at our wedding. He gave, along with a few nice ladies, of whom one had the charming name of Sonja, and only male counterparts, a vocal concert in an old church. So, who could have imagined I would also still sniff culture. Me in my heavy boots and hiking togs between mostly well dressed Achterhoekers. Next the rest of the evening I was busy again looking for shelter for tomorrow. With the help of José I made an appointment for tomorrow night in Halle, with an address for Friends of the Bicycle. No dogs! But he can stay outside, I said. She answered: They all say so and when it comes down to it they want the dog inside anyway. Dear mrs. All winter I’ve been on the road with Tosca. By now she doesn’t tolerate the heat inside any more. Well, all right. So I can end the day satisfied again, but not without Siep first opening a bottle of Riesling at the fire.
Schoonma voor haar foto's Mother in law in front of her pictures

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