Friday Mai 1st 2015. Saeby 27 km

Fijne dag in het Dansk Have a good day, in Danish  Zoals men ziet wit vakwerk Like you see, white log building   Ook vaak hagelwit met strodak, als het geen golfplaten zijn  Very white, sometimes hedged roof, if no corrugated metal plates
Zelfs hier in Denemarken is tenten Eddie aktief. Kwaliteit wordt overal gewaardeerd                                                           

La belle américaine, een film die ik zag op de middelbare school La belle Americaine, a movie I saw in high school
Nog een Another one Saelge Gammele bille betekent oude auto's te koop Saelge gammele bille means “for sale old cars” In de verte de zee Far away the sea                                                                     

Vandaag gewandeld van nabij Asaa tot Saeby over de oostkustweg  Today I walked from Asaa till Saeby on the Ostsea
Naast gewoon golf, minigolf en boerengolf bestaat hier ook nog een spel, genaamd voetbalgolf  Exept for golf, “put put” and “farmer’s golf” here also exists fodboldgolf
Dit type trekpaard noemen ze hier bierkarrenpaard. Brands bier in Wijlre heeft reclameposters met zeeuwen voor de bierkar  Danish breed called beertrailer’s horse  Praatje onderweg, vlak bij het paard, met een trimster die 4 kg. wilde afvallen chat with a trimming lady who wants to loose 4 kg

Eindelijk binnen de gemeente Frederikshavn vanwaar het veer vertrekt naar Oslo, Noorwegen  Entering Fredikshavn community, from where the ferry leaves for Oslo, Norway
De rest van de ree van de laatste dagen The remainders of the roe deer of last week? Binnen 30 min. was er niets meer van over! En dat lag niet aan mij. Within half an hour she had finished it all  Grasland overlopend in strand en zeeGrass fields ending at the sea

image      image Saeby far away    image      Mijn cottage van vrijdagavond in Saeby, Svalereden Camping My Friday evening cottage at Saeby camping Opname v buiten naar binnen View through the front door of my cottage

That was a good mattress and a double bed, a wooden cottage, even equipped with heating and water and electricity. That doesn’t happen always. I even had homes without heating, but tonight, Friday therefore, no water. Always something going wrong. The heater was difficult to adjust. In fact, it was too hot. Great for drying my underwear, but Tosca couldn’stand the heat. No problem. Just open the window. Because WiFi was not working in my house, I’m went surfing this morning at the camping reception. Early coffee and I got a whole can for free. This is how it should be.
Perfect weather, the road ran parallel to the sea, but often I barely saw the sea. The asphalt road was in a pleasant countryside along very narrow strips of moor. The rest of the countryside was cultivated or forest. Little traffic, so Tosca got a lot of movement. Still more than she usually gets. Of course she abused that opportunity again. She showed she can do more than just catch mice. I told my blog that the last few days Tosca had found and devoured the remains of supposedly the last Danish roe. That was every day a leg. Today Tosca showed up with half a deer chest in her mouth. I smelled it right away, so it should be delicious. I made a peanut break. Because I expected to find and buy food during the trip, I had bought nothing. Just that bag of peanuts was left and sips of cola. You will not believe it, but the piece of deer skeleton was completely devoured within 20 min. Of course by Tosca. See pictures. Reminds me of those two people from Maastricht in the train to Bunde. Says Sjeng against Merie: doa lègk ‘n bein. (looks like a leg lying there). Liekent van Pie (seems Pie’s leg). A moment later: doa lègk ‘n ERREM (over there an arm). Kos wel zien vaan Pie ( could be Pie’s arm). A little later: meh, Merie doa lègk ‘n ganse prij (Mary, that’s a complete trunk). Zjus wie dee vaan Pie (like Pie has). Merie says: wie zou’t eigelijk mit hum goan?
( how will he be?) 
Something similar with that deer.
I see many places and street names with So, with such a dash in the O. Also on mailboxes, for example. Sorensen, Solund. I think it means water or pond or lake, sea or something. Well here is water everywhere. I compare it to our common northern Dutch name van Dijk, also connected with water.

The Danes have a week off. Nevertheless, I found in the second camp of Saeby a wooden shack, but as I said above it was without a shower or water. Rather difficult, but also cheap, especially since I already got a discount. But it’s o.k. with me.
Tomorrow Rudi will come to Frederikshavn and that is just a few hours walking from here. Tomorrow, Saturday, I’ll go to the youth hostel in Fredrikshavn. Monday the ferry to Oslo and from there to daughter Marieke, 7 hours driving, with a rental car. Good prospects.
Yes, you bet! Youth hostal Fredrikshavn tomorrow night is booked full. Trying to googling tonight to find something else in Fredrikshavn for tomorrow  fails because wifi doesn’t function properly. The ferry to Oslo, along with a pet is not possible on Monday, as I had planned, but no earlier than Wednesday. Then I have to book something for Wednesday night in Oslo, and then on Thursday I’ll hire a car, to go to the Norwegian Trekking Association for a key that fits their cabins and then also Thursday 7 hours driving to daughter Marieke. Thursday or Friday I wanted to be back in Oslo. And then there is very little time for visiting daughter Marieke. Things get a little complicated. Maybe I should stay here at the campsite until my departure by ferry on Wednesday to Oslo in Norway, but then the next few days I won’t have wifi. Well, tomorrow I’ll find out what to do. Let’s first quickly call all the necessary people: Rudi, Marieke and Sonja at home. And it’s already 9:30 pm. Hasta mañana.



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