Friday July 31st 2015. Still Kilpisharvi (Finland)

Kilpisjärvi is nothing. It is a neighborhood, stretched out over many kilometers. There does not seem to be a central point, or it should be the in one supermarket’s petrol station restaurant, 500m. away from my hotel. This settlement structure seems to me quite characteristic of Scandinavia. Not really cozy. In Finland the clock is  one hour ahead, so when I wake up at the usual time it’s one hour later. Therefore, hurrying to be in the breakfast room before closing time. Today, it’s sunny again. My bedroom is in a wooden barrack, where are two hallways with many rooms, common toilet, shower and between the two hallways one common kitchen. Tosca is in my room. For wifi, I have to go to the main building, in the lobby, opposite of the reception. I’ve been there all day to catch up on ten days blog, also trying to get the pictures in my blog.
it proved out that the camera was not empty, but the chip was full. How do I get those photos stored at my home computer before I clear everything from the chip and maybe everything gets finally lost? On the other hand, I have the most important photos on the Ipad, but in case it drops into the water, all pictures will be lost. I’ll figure that out tomorrow.
Phone to the home front, to colleague Marietje, sms’s, shopping. Meanwhile, Tosca is getting a little overlooked outside the inn’s entrance. And she makes that clear very loud.
I ask if I can stay for a few days, to safe some time, not to be too soon at Cape North. Because Rudi, the cineast, wants to leave the 14th of August from the Netherlands, to accompany me during the last two weeks of my trip, from Kautokeino or there about. And if I just go on, I’m almost at Cape North the 14th, so two weeks early. Ergo, winning time, here at this place and at the end of my next route, in Kautokeino. Well, that suits me best. Surviveling in a inn is also delicious. In the fridge there is a lot of food with a note that everyone can take it: sausages, meat, milk etc. Spaghetti is left in the kitchen cupboard. With the afore mentioned minimum of healthy selfishness, I remove the note from the refrigerator and hope to seal my dinner for the coming evenings. It’s six thirty pm. Tonight will be a music performance here. The guitars are already put in place. I think I first go to the supermarket, then go to the sauna, then prepare diner and then go and see how the Finns are having fun, or are having a ball ???

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