Friday August 29th 2015. Going home in camper. Ferry from Lagesund (N) to Hirtshals ( Dk)

early morning races on the river in Drammen/Lagesund
< Still in Drammen (Norway) we all woke up because of a lot of noise. What happened? As of 7 o'clock the ghetto blasters loudly anounced how the games were scheduled. There were model motorboats races on the river at our camping. Photo. A trail was set in the river. With deafening noise racing motorboats, 0.5 to 1 m. long, on the water, in different manches, depending on the type of boat. And that at speeds of tens of km.s per hour. Of course also a tragic collision of two of the projectiles, which had to be picked up in the river with a real motor boat. At the end of the morning we went on our way to Lagesund, the place of the ferry from Norway to Denmark. Departure at 3 pm. The camper with the three of us took some more than 100 E. On the ferry to Denmark Tosca stayed 4 hours in the camper, although dogs were allowed on the deck. But that would have caused constant barking of Tosca against other dogs, so I left Tosca inside the car. Without passing any customs, we arrive in Hirtshals, Denmark, after 4 hours. We drive another couple of hours and arrive at 9 pm just at closing time, at a campsite near Aarhus in Denmark. The lady at the desk has only one big cabin, actually a house, for me. Over 100 E. I think one night sleeping is not worth that amount of money and I decide to set my tent in the dark, in front of our camper. A great way to spend this last night, b.b. full moon, to end my walk. We had a beer in the camper. Tosca in heat has to be added in my one/person´s tent. I use a plate in a slight effort to protect my sleeping bag from her bleeding. In the distance I hear loud music sounds of an outdoor festival and trying to experience the noice as cozy, I finally fall into a shallow sleep, squeezed between Tosca and the tent canvas.

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