Friday August 14th 2015. Last day Cuonovuoppi

At night 4 degrees C. During the day 11. Strong wind, no sun. Last day of rest and of preparations. Fortunately because I’ve been here long anough now. Because in the cabin of the neighbors, 30m. from here, are Norwegians with three dogs. Reason for Tosca to bark half the day. Last night I don’t know how many times. So it was a very restless night. , The weather is not nice, cold, but I still have to walk Tosca a bit. The food is finished, except for some muessli for this afternoon and tonight. Tomorrow, when I’ll come through Kautokeino during my next stage, I’ll buy new food, and then go straight on. The next few days will be long stretches, up to 30 km., finishing the day tomorrow with tenting in the field. To stay fit I have to eat well and sleep well. The romantic idea of walking with a cottage on the back is not ideal for staying fit.
My preparations for the next two weeks are finished. Now today a little more hanging around my cabin and google for the lack of better. If nobody will show up today, it promises to become a boring day. 
It is 8.49 pm. This afternoon, Mikkel was going to bake bread. Could I buy from him? Then at least I would get food. Meanwhile, he did not finish it either. An hour ago I went asking him the third time if it’s going to happen. Yes, in an hour, he said. I’ll knock on your door, Mikkel promises. I have some jelly left and a little cheese, so now come on with that bread. It’s a chaotic man. Though nice, maybe a little stressed, but not a place I would like to come back for a long time. Rudi: this is my schedule from here:

 Tuesday 18 Aug. Arrival in town Alta at Alta Strand Camping

 Wednesday 19 Aug. Alta Beach Camping until Rudi arrives
Thursday, August 20th. Alta Beach Camping to Rudi arrives
Friday 21 Aug. 29 km. To Leirbotvatn. Tent in field
Saturday 22 Aug. 31 km. To Aisaroaivi. Tent in field
Sunday 23 Aug. 27 km. To Skaidi Hotel. Or 5 km from the Route Repparfjord route
Monday 24 Aug. 22 km. To Olderfjord Hotel / Russenes Camping
Tuesday 25 Aug. 23 km. To Indre Sortvik. Tent in field
Wednesday 26 Aug. 23 km. To Repväg (or Stranda) camping
Thursday 27 Aug. 21 km. To Kafjord camping
Friday 28 Aug. 27 km., Of which 6 km. Tunnel, to Honningsväg / Storbukt
Saturday 29 Aug. 8 km. Further to Skipsfjord Nordkap Camping, or another 7 km. to Veidnes. Then it is 13 km. To Cape North.
Saturday 29 Aug or Sunday 30 Aug. Cape North.

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