Friday April 24th 2015 Skanderborg So-camping, 24 km.

Natuurlijk ook hier peuteropvang              image                      image

Of course also here kindergarten

image              image                     image

image Kattrup church       image                    image

image                Hier woont dus een stensbal blijkbaar.                   Gehuchtje Blirup Blirup tiny hamlet

Weer eens zo'n bocht met vangrails, waar ik met pony Leon zo van baalde                                                                                   Hier heb je weer dat soort natuursteenmuur met knalwit voegsel Again a building structure with natural stones and

Once more a curve with side rails which I hated so much when with pony Leon                                                                                                 white chalk walls

So, now I’m really a bit back to basics: backpacker; down to earth with sleeping on the floor. Bad sleeping must be compensated by making many hours, so going to bed early. My tent is so small that Tosca really does not fit, anyway not in a roll. When she stretched out next to me, it fits somewhat. But I must say, she behaves like a real lady. Or maybe not. It depends on how you look at it. But I did not bother her. She probably needs her rest as much as I do.
The weather was finally some softer. Actually, the morning still cold with about 4 degrees C., but much less wind. Because of the short route today we allowed ourselves to sleep until 7.30 am. Nice walk, 3/4 of the time on quiet back roads, past some beautiful hamlets. Only the last 6ckm again along a busy road, the last kilometers even without a bike lane.
Already at 3 pm we were on the So-camping (So, with a dash through the O, means lake, I believe). I tell the lady at the front desk: I am considering coming here, or I go to the  hostel depending on the weather forecast. She ducked right behind the computer: no rain! Thus, the tent is set up, while the first droplets begin to fall! If this continues, I’m going to ask a wooden cabin with a discount. Now she already had offered me such a thing with 50% discount, but it was still 4 times more expensive than the tent. I also know that a shroud has no pockets, but when I pass away I want to leave my wife and offspring financially well cared for.
Tent stands straight, but the city appears to be 3 km away. And that also implies 3 back. All right, then the bus up and down, because I want something to eat and to buy food for Tosca. Tosca is taking a nap near the tent so I  have a chance to relax a few hours. I did some filming in front of my tent. The patroness here will do free laundry for me. I delivered my package for the loundry, took a shower and put on clean clothes. For tomorrow evening, because then it’ll be raining,  I booked a hostel for Tos and me in Aarhus . This mans that tomorrow in order to meet my schedule I must walk between 35 and 40 km.
Originally I intended to pass through the center of the Danish country to the north, the ancient oxway or Haervejen. But there are only a limited number of inns along that trail, each at a distance of about 20 km. and then I’ll advance too slow. Those distances are too small for me. In many guidebooks quite a lot of hostals are mentioned. I left that Heirweg and walk now along the east coast. That is two days faster to the ferry in Frederikshavn. The disadvantage is that now I must search the shelters again and again on the Internet, often more than an hour a day and I have to walk more often on roads instead op paths. Well, I do like to improvise and so far that goes well. Such a trip on your own, one can not plan from beginning to end in details. Too many uncertainties. People who want to want to be sure of erything in their life should never start such a journey.
For the rest I do not have much to report today.


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