Friday April 17th 2015. Flensburg. Rest day

Hoofdstraat en plein FlensburgMain street and square Flensburg

Zijstraat Flensburg Small street Flensburg

Mijn werktafel in de gezamenlijke ruimte, voor Tosca en mij alleen Social room in youth hostal, just for Tosca and me

Even door dentrum Flensburg op mijn vrije dag Strolling through center of Flensburg on my holliday

Mooie panden uit de 18e eeuw in Flensburg Nice historic houses from the 18th century

At the front desk this morning in the youth hostal is another administrator lady. For her it was no problem to give another room to the people who had booked my room for tonight . It’s actually nice walking weather, but a day off feels good after many times 30 km. per day of lugging around a backpack, in the cold wind. It’s pretty quiet in here. At breakfast I found only a German couple, about my age. She was active in the minority policy. She mentioned the Ost- and Nord Friesen in the same breath as the Sinti and Roma, Tsjchechs, Slavs. I was a little surprised. Then you can put the Ripuarisch speaking towns / villages, Vaals Lemiers, Simpelveld, Bocholtz, Kerkrade also include in the Dutch minority policy. And what would you think about the Sjengen in Maastricht? I have already mentioned their slogan: From golden weat God created Maastricht creed, from the leftovers in his hand he created the rest of Holland. All those from Maastricht go straight to heaven. Therefore many non-Maastricht people prefer the eternal purgatory. They also have their own culture. Eg., They calculate singing. Just ask a class Sjengskes (Maastricht people): wieveul is ein ein +? (how much makes 1 + 1) and all of them whistling like birds: twie, twie, twie (two, two, two).
I have a wing of the hostel just for me, incl. The shared toilets, showers, kitchen, lounge. Also Tosca is pleased with the deserved rest, because she is already deadly quiet all morning with me, while I work on my I-pad. Only the pretty maid comes in here, but Tosca protects me well from danger, because the cleaning lady is verschwunden (gone) within a moment.
Also,  I finally managed to go to the blog of Saturday, March 14, my first walking day after the holiday home, and put the photos of fellow villager v. Houtem, who resembles el Capone on my blog.

And now already half the day passed. About time to prepare my route through Denmark.

7 pm allready. Huh, huh, a day passes too soon. Way too short. This afternoon together with Tosca I inspected the center of Flensburg better. Much more pleasant than I thought yesterday. After Kaffee mit Kuchen in eine kleine Konditoreie, I went back to the hostel to pick up the camera for another short round through Flensburg. The rest of the day I prepared my itinerary through Denmark: places, distances, overnight adresses. Fortunately the shelters are already fixed for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in Denmark.  The Danish continuation of the German Ochsenweg looks inviting, also for Tosca, . In Denmark, called the Heerweg because armies of fighters, probably not smarter than ochses, also followed that route. This blockhead will be next one. While I was preparing my itinarary Tosca behind me silently, secretly killed a pillow. I have a list of a series of shelters along that Ochsenweg/Heerweg but the problem is that the distances between those often or too short, or too long. Tomorrow too short. The 2nd or the  third of May Rudi, the cameraman, will come visiting me,  specially to  film how in Frederikshavn,  in northern Denmark, we embark on the ferry for Oslo in Norway. Therefore at May 2nd I want to arrive in Frederikshavn in the North of Denmark. And now digging in my back pack for Tosca’s vaccination papers for just in case at the border. On verra. We’ll see. Inch Allah!
So, now I want to give my belly a good treat.
But not before I memorize once more, that I walk for Mama Alice and her Peruvian street children, who cannot stuff their stomach like me. Before each boundary that I cross I ask attention for our Frederique’s organisation Mama Alice and I hope that her organization is conceived with a financial contribution. Click at my homepage at Mama Alice and you get to the finance department. I do not like begging, but the impact of my journey is also a bit determined by the amount of money I can gather for Mama Alice.
Meanwhile, non-backpacked parents with kids enter in my wing of the back packers hostel. I can not let Tosca roam freely anymore. Hope she does not start to gnaw in the carpet. Again on verra.
Have a good meal.



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