Friday February 6th 2015 Vendreuve Sur Barsse about 28 km

Huh huh, we just returned from the tour through the home of our hostess on Friday evening. Obviously she showed us our assigned rooms: the 2-persons bed. Fortunately quite big, because last night was allocated us a 1,5 persons bed. However much Jos and I also converged towards each other the last few days, we still found yesterday’s bed too small , just a little smaller than we could handle, so, before I had been in the room, Jos had asked for an extra folding bed in the room. On tossing Jos had coin and won the big bed. Out of respect for his seniority I did not begrudge him that.
This morning we started walking half an hour in the wrong direction. That means an hour delay. Shoot, because at 5 pm. we have an appointment with the farrier and next with the press and we still have to do some shopping. Cold, but beautiful sunny weather. Leon walked well. Jos took pity on my enfant terrible Tosca and so we advanced well. Around 3.30 pm. in Vandreuve.
Anyway, while Jos himself is showering and I’m waiting for the farrier, the madame tells me enthusiastically which animals there are in the forest. I may also be interested in birds, she assumes, and tells me in French which species are all here. I don’t know the French birds names like the great tit (if it is a bird anyway), bittern warbler etc. I showed great interest, accepted the stack of animals’ folders (to forget them when leaving the next day, by accident of course). To be decent I listened, although I had other priorities, such as finding a place to sleep tomorrow, animal care etc.
The bed and breakfast was called le Chevalier, Knight. Mme’s husband was mad about knights, in particular Templar Knights. We liked that because it seemed like a hidden promise: indeed, meals with champagne, in different types: 90% Pinot Noir / 10% to 10% chardenay pg / 90% chardenay and everything in between. The Edelzwicker proved to be fine red burgundy. We felt like real Templars, who are known about their drinking habits.
Her husband is crazy about knights and everything that has to do with it: bow and arrow, anguish, helmets. The entire house is full of it. Tapestries with medieval performances. I asked if he had rescued his wife from a tower. He replied with a rich story, where I nodded understandingly and smiling though I understood not even half. We didn’t understand the old man, who also participated at diner, at all except “war Algeria, pieds noirs, Paris”. The elderly woman, his wife, came here every month in the village (they call it the city) to visit her 100-year-old mother and then stayed here in le Chevalier. Most people here now are old, according to her. Then we should not come to live here, I thought, because they told us it was “merde” being old. Jos introduced himself to the old man as ” Jos”. The old man thought for a minute without saying anything, obviously afraid of losing his dignity by also mentioning his first name. The elder said, je ne connais pas. What he meant still is the question. Probably that he didn’t know that name. They decided to call Jos Georges. I found it a worthy name. “King George”, instead of just Jos. I thought that “George” didn’t put Jos down.
While the journalist made her entrée the Marechal Ferrant (farrier) also came in. By now it was so beastly cold outside, the farrier and I stopped after the two front hooves, because our fingers were pretty much frozen. Let’s hope that the two rear brackets, which were clearly less worn, will hold for a while. Preferably until home, in the beginning of March, though I do not expect so. The blacksmith charged only half price. Why, I do not know. So he is a good guy.
Omwisselen naar het Nederlands
And then the journalist. She represented the press. She had been inside to wait an hour because the blacksmith was more important for me. The husband of the journalist was the brother of the cousin of a very important person who knew our hostess and … I could not follow it. The journalist notyed down my particulars , asked how many children I had, listened 2 minutes, asked 3 questions and knew enough. It must have become a profound article about an old man looking for his deeper himself, thereby serving the people of Peru. Because of the importance of these serious moments I forgot to use the camera.
Dinner was fine: white champagne beforehand, then bites with Alsatian Edelzwicker, kuusj (pig) s rib with lots of meat and red wine, later salad, cheese and for dessert apple pie. Next I had to take care of tge animals. Both may enter. I wrote my blog with lager. Finding a place to sleep for tomorrow. And then going upstairs. Again there proved te be one bed for the two of us. Jos, You’ll have to, even if you don’t want to. Yes, but this bed is larger than that of yesterday, according to Jos. That eased the pain.

 Diner for six in Le Chevalier Diner for six in Le Chevalier  Lunch Friday Lunch Friday  Check in hostess Friday, in anticipation of the press and the farrier Arrival at host Friday in anticipation of the press and the farrier

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