Friday December 12 th 2014 Torres del Rio about 40 km! Pffff

Samen met Jan en Ron avondeten. Gezellig. We worden bediend door een Colombiaanse. Oladeladio!Diner together with Jan. Good atmosphere. We are served by a Colombian waitress. Oladeladio!

Tosca had great fun with four dog friends last night at the equestrian center in Navarrete. Therefore i let her, just like her friends,  sleep outside. The blanket I had put down for Tosca to lie on, she did not use. I think she has been lying in the grass, near Leon. Those animals are much tougher than we think. Considering that tonight it also has frozen. And today she was active again like always.
Today I had to pass through the city of Logroño. Because I did not want problems with Leon in traffic, I decided to walk around the city. That made the already long day even longer. Including a few detours we made close to 40 km., From 8.30 am to 18.30 pm. That means that I didn’t leave Leon much opportunity to eat on the way, which has caused some stress. Mainly irritation for me.
Over a bridge we entered the Basque Country. Everywhere place names in both Spanish and in Basque, like at ours, eg. a shield with the name Mechele, beneath Mechelen. Here the local name differs quite a bit more from the official one than in my region. I did not know that besides Catalonia some other Spanish regions also have a distinct endeavor for independence. My Swiss landlady of the equestrian center told me that in Barcelona (Catalonia) she once watched an international football match on t.v. Spain won. Why did nobody cheer? What do we in Catalonia have to do with Spain, was her response.
Through a beautiful landscape, which resembles the Eiffel and the Moselle region , vineyards , beautiful heather slopes, with many stone ” Bori’s “, shelters for shepherds , we arrived at Rio Torres against dark. Outside the village , on a dark road , a light came towards me. Jan? Yes! He had arranged an inn and shelter for Leon for today and tomorrow . Tosca got a shelter from the wind in Leon’s meadow , a few hundred meters outside the village, with her suit on and I didn’t feel comfortable about leaving her outside, in a meadow, without a roof.
We share our room with Ron from Israel , 29 years old. Ron just finished his law studies . The three of us had the meal together , discussed the world’s problems and all. And went to bed late.
Can you read this?  Can you read this?

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