Sunday August 30st 2015. Cottessen, Nl. (home)

  Welcome home. Traveling in the camper I compesated more or less for the very bad night in my tent. I finished all the newspapers and weekly magazines I found in there. The book of Joris Luyendijk too. I made a few lists of things that I wanted to arrange little by little after my 

Friday August 29th 2015. Going home in camper. Ferry from Lagesund (N) to Hirtshals ( Dk)

early morning races on the river in Drammen/Lagesund       < Still in Drammen (Norway) we all woke up because of a lot of noise. What happened? As of 7 o'clock the ghetto blasters loudly anounced how the games were scheduled. There were model motorboats races on the river at our camping. Photo. A 

Thursday August 27th en Friday 28th. 2015 Drammen. Going home in camper.

Thursday we arrive at the campsite of Drammen, 150 km. from Oslo. Because we have to wait until Saturday before we can make the crossing to Denmark with the ferry, we stay one day at the campsite in Drammen. At the campsite in Drammen there was nothing else to experience except that there were quite 

Wednesday August 26th 2015. Going home in camper. Oysand camping near Trondheim

  Crossing a fjord per ferry. Nice mountains in the background. Nice filmer (Rudi) in front. Beauty (right or left?) at tank station. Still nice weather. We drive through a quiet beautiful landscape to the south. Over 500 m. altitude everything is bare and barren, rocky and swamp. Underneath 500 m. forests and lots of 

Tuesday August 25th 2015. Going home in camper. Fauske

  Rudi opens a champagne bottle. Rudi and Paulette toast champagne on the final result. A lot of itching Mitgets bugs. My 4-persons cabin.   The weather is beautiful again. The pictures of the film recordings I wrote about yesterday were made today, but unfortunately published yesterday, on Monday. So what? The recordings took us 

Monday August 24th 2015. Going home in camper. Narwik

  Rudi and Paulette toasting champagne on the final result. Filmshots on evaluation of the trip. Rudi. Four persons cabin at Ballangen Camping. Today nothing exciting happened. Sitting in the camper watching the beautiful nature outside: mountains, blue sky, lots of water. But how do people here enjoy themselves? There are quite a few signs 

Sunday August 23rd 2015 Alta again. On the way back home with Rudi and Paulettes camper.

That was a good night’s sleep. When I leave my cabin early morning, to apply a minimum of physical hygiene, a man arrives in a car with a Dutch license plate. What may that be? Positive: Did I win a price? Negative, tax service? “Gooiendaag Harrie. Höbbe veer dich toch gevoonge (we finally found you) , 

Saturday August 22nd 2015. Going home in camper. Alta Strand Camping

  bare trees/bushes. On the way back. Little growth on the tundra. Tosca looking for rendeer on the tundra. Landscape between Skaidi en Alta. Did it change you? No. Does one change much after 30? You grow out, but changing?  A couple is getting married. She thinks, I’ll change him. He thinks: I hope she 

Friday August 21st 2015. Reaching Cape North, the utmost North of Europe.

  Signs at Strand Camping Alta. On the Cape North rock. Cape North monument. Trees with hardly any leaves. Under the Cape North monument, together with Paulette and Rudi and dog Tosca. Trol in Cape North museum. Info about history of Cape North.   Near Cape North Rudi filming. A long paved road leads to 

Thursday August 20th 2015. Honnigsväg

  Only a few last names at the churchyard     No fun walking on the high way. Beautiful landscape. Rudi filming from the parking lot. Rudi and Paulette have a couple of weeks off from their work. They will join me the last few days of my trek and will drive me back home