Tuesday August 18th 2015. Alta 29 km

  At this Northern altitude still farming. Pakken silo, I haven’t seen these since months. Even a wheat field. The first one in 2 months. Arrival at Strandcamping in Alta. “My” Kroation at the reception of Alta Strandcamping View from reception to my cabin far away. Cycling to Alta center for shopping. Completely new cathedral 

Thursday July 2nd 2015. Tarnasjöstugan 26 km

At 4 a.m. waking up in Viterskalet Fjällstugan for… you can guess. Looking outside: rain, wind, mist and of course, just like yesterday, everything white.   Leaving Viterskalet. Carekeeper in the middle Bye Meeting Swedish Magnus, who wants to sleep outside the next 500 km. Lunch at the cabin of Maria, charging our cameras. Two ladies who are walking in the opposite direction are 

Wednesday July 1st 2015. Viterskale-Fjällstuga 12 km..

Viterskalet Fjällstuga (mountain cabin) Shower room Shower close up Picking up Tosca in restaurant Sybilla where David works, who took care for Tosca Often slippery wet boards, where Tosca pulls me over Frozen lakes July 1st This morning, after a short tour of Hemavan, changing money, buying food, picking up Tosca at restaurant Sibylla, where keeper David 

Tuesday June 30th 2015. Flight from Düsseldorf (G) – Mo I Rana ( N), drive to Hemavan ( Sw)

Changing planes at the wrong side of the airport of Trondheim Linda, who drove us from Mo I Rana (Norway) to Hemavan (Sweden) Our driver Linda at Mo I Rana airport (N) Me in the rear of Linda’s car Linda’s dashbord So much done in the week I was home. I’lllimit myself to a few 

Sunday June 14th 2015. Hemavan-Tärnaby Sweden, 76 km. hitch hiking

  Free coffe and soup at Napoli. Behind me a half drunk, but friendly Norwegian guy. Barren scenery, trees without leaves. Far away rendeer on the road. Lakes are all frozen. Got a ride from this Norwegian guy. Norwegian/Swedish frontier. I intended to go and sleep here. Only good I didn´t walk 37 km. to 

Monday February 17th 2015 Oignies-en-Thierache 30 km

Many examples of the Ardennes way of house construction: Ardennes rubble with window- and door frames of heavy blue stone, also called Namur stone, and on the corners of the walls blue cornerstones of different sizes. Photo. Tosca made my distance double again. Right now she is occupied by a cattle rib she found in 

Thursday February 12th 2015 Verzy, much more than 20 km.

This was the most beautiful day in a long time. Beautiful weather, totally clear sky, no wind. So one layer of clothing less. The Champagne vineyards are plenty pruned. I considered still to give directions about how to get the wine a little more acidic. ‘T was so beautiful, I did some filming. Fortunately my 

Wednesday Nov. 26th 2014 Astorga 25 km

  Farrier at albergue this morning. According to him Leon is only 6 years old. According to an old man passing by yesterday at least 12 y.o. Railway bridge. No problem for Leon Astorga the place were I leave the Via de la Plata. I have been following this ancient Roman track for a 1000