Thursday 9 oct. 2014 Finishing touch

Farewell drink with the staff of my office at Hub and Toos’ (cafetaria ‘t Pintje in Mechelen). The last few consultations are done. My horse Leon got new horseshoes right before the long trip. Once again I tried the horse spending the night with his front legs tied together. As long as he reaches green grass he doesn’t bother about his leggs being tied together.
In order to reach fresh grass the fence had to be moved forward again. Before leaving for one year some slack meadow poles in the fence had to be replaced to prevent the Scottish Highlanders cows from hiking the tourists’ road. The young dog Tosca had to get used to the muzzle, because she bites everything. The cow stable had to be emptied for the first time in 7 months; stable reparations were made. Hedges were cut. Therefore I first had to repair the chain saw. I bought some pack chords. The blacksmith fitted new horseshoes under the front legs of pony Leon. And thus we gradually are getting ready for the big trip. I got some more photos of yesterday’s hike. By now I know all the paths in the surroundings of the Three Countries Point Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, where I live. It is worth noting the Andreas cross at the running track in the Vijlenderbos. As far as I know this is the only reminder of the Russian prisoners of war in world war I, who have died when the Germans during WW I forced them to build the railway bridge of Moresnet (Belgium), 10 km. from here. May be it is a good suggestion for the genealogy organisation of Vijlen to maintain this monument?? Nothing else to report.

Now it is 9.15 p.m.. Actually I should go to my gym club, but I rather go to bed early, so this evening the boys will have to work out without me. Today I still want to practice some Spanish, try out the movy camera and then hoping that tonight my shape will improve one per cent. In my office I noticed that since I took my penicillin a few weeks ago I had lost 4 kg. If things continue this way during my walk I’ll become a walking skeleton. Also very special, seems to me.

This evening someone contacted me who wants to join me some 9 days around Christmas. Of course very welcome. Question is where I will be then. I do not know. Somewhere in the vicinity of the Pyrenees, I hope. Tomorrow will be my last walk before leaving. Everything really is more or less ready so it seems nothing can happen to me. After getting lost a few times and after spending a few nights in my tent in the rain with playful, everything destroying Tosca, perhaps I’ll think otherwise. But we keep laughing, even though like someone with aching teeth.

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