8 july hike Canada

Har juli 2014 021 Har juli 2014 028 Son juli 2014 043 Har juli 2014 023Suddenly we heard a strange noise right in front of us. One thought a squirrel, one a deer, somebody else thought a baby cougar, may be a bear. From behind a big stone burst right in the middle of the path Craig and Tracy. They had try to scare us by throwing little branches and pebbles. After bringing Pa Jack back home, now they joined our hike again. Craig and Tracy had made a fire and were ready to start coocking. They took some extra food with them, though mostly drinks, that is beer and wine. Of course you don’t sleep well on a thin matrass, while you are used to a thick 2-persons matrass. But we prepared our night with the alcohol and by sleeping (well, sleeping…) many hours.

The next day 25-30 gr. C/ 85-90 F, again many eagles and almost a bear. Anyway fresh bear poop, but without buttons or bear bells. Tip: don’t walk to far apart.

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