7 juni 2014

One week ago my horse was lame and didn’t want to stand. De vet thought of laminitis. If that is right then I’d better forget about my trip. And looking for another horse doesn’t appeal to me, ’cause I’m attached to Luka. Though a little difficult to train, he very much improved his behaviour as a stallion. Only his fear fot water he must lose. I’m training that the next few weeks. May be he had a litlle laminitis, but he also had a wound in his armpit and his preputium was much swollen, probably because of flies. I gave him another meadow, without grass and a better barn. Moreover I startend walking with him about 2 hours a day. Now, 1 w. later, he is much much better. So I have good hopes he’ll be O.K.

In the meantime I am working at this site and with my I-pad. That still causes much trouble, but I assume I’ll get over that too.

Not much time is left over to study Spanish, but I keep trying.  A day has only 24 hours, also for me. Una dia tiene no mas que 24 oras. Ola, deladio!

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