Monday 6 oct. 2014

This morning I was scalped by Odette : my skull gets a turn , including ears , eyebrows and nose. Now I am more or less a redneck. All this must add to easier finding shelter in Spain. Leon the horse starts getting used to trailer. Today for the first time ever I got him on the trailer without assistance or coercion. Maybe tomorrow I’ll ask the veterinarian if I could possibly give Leon a sedative in case he is afraid on the trailer. Yesterday and today Leon also practiced walking fully packed, with the complete pack covered with a horse blanket against the rain. All went perfect. Leon got tied to a pole at the three countries meeting point, while we shared coffee with vlaai with the dog and horse. A few people from the Dutch northern regions showed understanding for the fact that a limburg horse eats vlaai (regional pastry). Leon does not know that he is actually a Drent ( another Dutch region) and dog Tosca neither knows she comes from somewhere in the north too. With Leon being used to waiting tied to a pole the trip actually cannot fail any more.

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