sunday 5 oct. 2014 Spiritual assistance

Sunday, day of rest. From Father / rector Reijnders I received spiritual support in the form of a prayer. Later I’ll copy it to my blog. This intercession with Providence, or perhaps rather with Mary, surely will increase the probability of success. Of those two Mary however was my favorite, and perhaps Mary Magdalene even more. For the youngsters: try to find out who was Mary Magdalena and what her position was and I suggest you hold a lecture in the class that we used to call religion. Nowadays instead of learning about their religion children get courses in spiritual orientation or something the like. Except for packing and unpacking everything again, today I got the horse used again to having his legs tied together. See picture yesterday. The advantage is that Leon can’t run away, but the disadvantage is that he is an easier prey for the Exremadura wolves. As for the wolves, no worry as long as I am around. Did I mention that I want shirts buttons with my initials HH. If I then disappear without a trace, they might retrace those buttons in wolves’ excrements (nice eh). If I’m really hungry myself, they might find gray hairs in my poop!. Brrrr. Watch out wolfies: not the dog is watching here but I am. On the photo above one gets an impression of the horse bags maid with sail, by. …. Yes, yes, now also known outside the region: tents’ Eddie. When it rains I put the backpacks in there. Eddie constructed the sail horse bags in a way one can make a role of it. Uwe and C put pieces of smooth leather on the saddle harnass, at the spots were the harnass rubs. Also fine craftsmanship. And the three of us had a nice, cozy tea time. Yes, business and pleasure are a good combination.

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