4 sept. 2014

Few days ago HAS BEEN mowed. Vnadaag silo is pressed to the winter diet of the Scottish Highlanders and the bison.Daarvoor I ook Sought help for all during my absence. The sheep bokjes Retrieved: 20 pieces. Naturally received much too little, as usual. Now arrange the transport of the remaining ewes to Zeeland. That’s a lot of administration: by giving each animal with 10 songs in the stud book, ook I & R (government), then fill transportation units, three copies of All Those animals withtheir 10-digit number. Are you crazy, at least I do. Next week rams inspection. Since weather data to send. If you want a simple hobby, read a book or watch movie.
This afternoon is encountered some consultation about any film to make the trip. They do not want a constant image of a wandering trio. Too boring. There must be a line. So we just think what line. Tonight I get GPS instruction of Rob. I hope I’m wiser.
Tomorrow conversation about sponsorship or Mama Alice. In between holes seek to practice walking with horse and dog. Because the social activities ook continuing. It looks a bit like letting go of everything-which I want or everything taken care of first. Luckily my need no real need. For some, letting go on a more serious level.

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