30 aug. 2014 Radio Valkenburg

This morning, along with secondary school student Maren Small I went to radio Valkenburg for a life broadcast. Maren has been to Peru with a group of students, including a visit to Mama Alice. She gave an account of it. At the same time I was interviewed about my travel plans. Whether it brings a lot of attention? But any attention for Mama Alice is good. I mentioned that everyone can sponsor Mama Alice by sponsoring one cent per km run. Also I memorized the possibility to put ads on my site. The benefits are for Mama Alice.
Today I started walking again at 15.15, and before dinner at 8p.m. we finished some more than 20 km., including checking my sheep and inspecting the vineyard. Mainly to test the new horse. That animal is a success: walks fast, no fear at all, passes through rivers, jumps over fallen trees, crosses bridges easily, tolerates the dog passes Steer another horse awfully in traffic, remains quiet when tied to a pole. That is very important when the boss on a terrace or inside wants to eat his meal. I hope it will not get too dull with such an easy pony who can do everything! The new dog will make sure that we won’t be a dull trio, I hope. The current dog, Joep is already difficult: walking right in front of your feet, or that of the horse, pulls me to the left, while the horse pulls to the right, passing a pole or tree at the wrong side. Joep runs to the horse Leon, so Joep’s leash becomes entangled in the legs of Leo. Fortunately Leo doesn’t get startled at all. Because of the pulling and drawing by my previous pony, Luka, I had already developed body builders shoulders: down hill stopping him, 300 to 400 kg, uphill pulling him. The new dog, if I will keep her, Tonca, is much more restless. But during my trip she will get tired every day and that might calm her down.
Tonight I ate a three double portion of chinese food again. Pilgrims hostels will be broke after I’ve been there. It’s quite a comforting thought that in case I will only walk in the afternoon , I still can make a 20 km. walk. That means that hopefully without too much trouble I can make an average of 25 km. a day. If I’ll be at Cape North too soon, I can still do some other fun things before my sabbatical year will be over. New chances!
6 More weeks and the party begins.

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