3 sept. 2014 Sheep administration, movie instruction, letting go

A few days ago we mowed the grass for the next two winters. Today silo is pressed for winter diet of the Scottish Highlanders and the bison. I had to look for someone to look after the animals when I am away. The sheep male lambs, 20 of them, were isolated from the herd. The price I was payed was much too low, like usual. Now I still have toarrange the transport of the remaining ewes to Zeeland. That’s a lot of administration: by giving each animal with 10 songs in the studbook, also I & R (government), then fill transportation units in 3 copies of all those animals with their 10-digit number. Makes one crazy, anyway me. Next week young rams inspection. All the male lamb data, with their 10 digits ear numbers must be to sent to the sheep stud book. If you want a simple hobby, read a book or watch movie.

This afternoon I had some consultations about a film that will be made of the trip. They do not want just images of a wandering trio. Too boring. There must be a line. So we are thinking about what line.
Tonight I get GPS instruction of Rob. I hope I’ll turn wiser.

Tomorrow conversation about sponsorship of Mama Alice. In between all activities I have to find some time to practice walking with horse and dog. That’s difficult because all social activities go on like always. It feels a bit like letting go everything but first I want everything to be taken care of. Fortunately my needs are no real needs. Some have to let go on a much more serious level.

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