29 aug. 2014 Again horse, dog, radio broadcasting

The konik horse is doing well. Only I always have to make clear to him that I am the boss. Hecrefuses to go over a bridge. Rearing etc. Wilde even though not in the barn and get some of those excuses. Sonja put a speech on the toiletdoor: I am the mum, that’s why! I thought that horse has to experience that too. And if he was going over the bridge and back again and again and back again. So we do that.
After meeting a few faint hearted dogs I saw a possible candidate today: bitch Tonka. Not crawling together when the boss reprimanded her, made good eye contact, crawled right into me. Such a companion I would like. The owner said that he might take her back again after one year, because Tosca could not get along with my current dog Joep, a dominant male. However, Tonka is a very jumpy, young animal. Returns savage lot, when I was in my tent pot to cook, while it pours outside cozy . You know, when during my trip in the evening I ring the doorbell somewhere asking for shelter and I’m standing there with that half lion in front of the door, I’m afraid the mistress slams the door closed. But if such a fear droppings in the shed to sleep and half the night is crying, I do not come to my sleep. And with a Chihuahua lure me back to the crooks. An old dog can not make the trip, a young just makes things wild, a hunting dog is always chasing game and a male dog always fights other dogs. Why don’t you simply leave those animals home? Yes, I know.
Today I met Santiago Runners . They sometimes walked 40 km. a day while they were already 60 + . There were even 80 -ers who walked 25 km. a day . That gives hope. But a horse that is widely rounds and asking for trouble. When I was 10 there , there was a song : double trouble is my name . Alert for unsec was about me ! But yes, if I can walk 25 km. instead of 40 km. , I can afford detours because of the horse without doing violence to my schedule . Have you thought of rainwear ? Of course . Shoes, which ” do not dry at night in the tent. Capes, that outside are wet of the rain , and inside are wet of the condensation. Nice nice. Cozy with a horse and a dog walk , free and unfettered , how wonderful that must be !!!
Tomorrow radio recording on Mama Alice and tomorrow the dog I have in mind will come just for trying. Next week all the electronics and Mama Alice must be checked . And just keep walking . Keep on going , Billy .

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