28 aug. 2014 New horse, newspaper, radio

Today was a very busy day. Therefore only a short message. Pope Leopold has entered Cottessen. It is an Icelandic gelding. Beautiful animal, walks like a lapwing, easily runs through water, not scared in traffic, but again a little scared of trucks and it is almost impossible to get him in the trailer. So again much work to do.
Several dogs have been visited. I did not like any of them. Such creepy females, shaking with nervousness. I can’t do anything with a nervous bitch (do not misunderstand me!) I’ll go on searching.
This morning’s newspaper, De Limburger, told my story, including about Mama Alice. Saturday radio broadcast in Valkenburg on Mama Alice. Furthermore, many informed and helped me with the GPS. I think it’s a bit complicated for a simple guy like me. Next week, I want all the electronics to work: labtop, GPS, solar charger, mobile phone and all the cables that get along with it. Also next week we’ll start an action group form Mama Alice, for the future.
Meanwhile, training, hours per day, along with horse and dog, as far as time allows. I’m looking for a place to leave the previous horse, Luka.
The first week of my journey, at the end of Oct., my two brothers Jack and Michiel will join me. In Nov. a couple will join me too about 10-14 days. In spring my wife Sonja will visit me in France. In March, I ‘ll be in the Netherlands. In Germany two friends wil join me by bycicle and in Norway daughter Marieke lives, who also wants to accompany me there. Once in a while cineast Rudie will see me during my trip.
I’m moving forward, but time goes too fast.

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