26 oct. 2014 Sunday Almaden 29,2 km.

Very dry, stony path uphill

Some dry food to eat at noon

I slept in the open field under the open sky, while Leon was locked into a path, which was closed at one end by a fence, at the sides by wire and the other side was sealed by me by stretching a rope. Passing the night with Tosca against me also is no real fun, because at the slightest infamiliarity she started barking loud and long, which of course sincerely disturbed my sleep. Nevertheless I slept o.k. under the galaxy, just like you, only you in the Nl. didn’t see it because of the bad weather. Today another stretch of a very quiet road, what it is not cozy but lonely, though it makes me advance quickly. The next 9 km I walked through a beautiful park with lots of big old cork oaks. I saw many autumn-style plants, in fact all week. Also a couple of gray shrikes ?, occasional buzzard or a kite, but otherwise nature seemed very quiet. Many carline thistle, which is extremely rare in the Netherlands. here many of those at the road side. Also seen a bee-eater. Beautiful bird.

The animals, Leon and Tosca, start the day excited but in the afternoon they get tired. Tosca jumps into every puddle, she drags sticks and plays, if held, with the leace. But after 2 P.M., the warmer it gets the more tired they get, their feet start hurting because of many km’s sharp gravel that makes horse Leon pause more often. Today I had to use the help of Vincencio, whom I meet again and again, in order to get Leon across a steep stony mountain. This stimulating Leon is not a friendly happening. In a large natural area, I meet a couple of cyclists, a long distance running lady, who can be recognized ’cause they are sparsely dressed, not an ounce of fat, mini backpack with water bottle. She cuddled Tosca. She didn’t dare doing that to me probably.
Finally we arrived in Almaden, being watched from a high altitude by a group of vultures, which of course already had noticed the problems of the three of us. I still have to find the albergue, I hope with wifi so I can write my blog. Dog and horse must sleep together in a pasture. Hope Tosca does not bark all night. Perhaps she has been doing it already, while I sit and write quietly my blog in the albergue. I’ll go and take a look. I also still have to eat and do some hygiene and wear my stuff into the albergue. I call this infrastructuring and that takes most of my spare time.

Finally, thanks to everyone for all the reactions, comments, advice etc. I’m too busy to answer most of the reactions.

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