Monday 26 jan. 2015 Combres 17 km.

All day rain. The administrator of our pilgrims accommodation this morning came to us and made a great effort to say goodbye. But of the addresses that were offered to us last night, so those of sister-in-law Lilian and the naturists address of my collegue Marietje, no one had responded. Only at the English B & B, where they did not speak English, we were welcome, but it was so close, we could just as well stay here. All soaked we stopped for coffee in a pub in Guipy. Easy to remember: Guy and pee. Ugh, how mellow! The same level as the Chinese on the phone. A Chinese says: ha-lo, with whom? Answer is: ha-Whom, with Lo. Need to be tipsy for these jokes. Great atmosphere there in that bar. An elderly man sat editable scratching his card. I asked him if he would share his million, but in response he smiled silently. Probably didn’t hear well. The black-haired 40 + lady behind the bar seemed interested cause she didn’t stop staring at us. I honored her with a bit of attention in the sense of a picture.
Along the way Leon kicks out the Icelandic jams and gallops away into a very muddy, recently sown field. I hold on, resulting in slicing sprawled in the mud. No complaining. No pain, not wet, only my rain gear covered with mud. Simply going on down the road, only now as dreksjkiebel (mud barge). Meanwhile, 3 slices of bread in one hand, with which I hold Leon and an Emmenthal cheese hunk in the other, with which I hold Tosca. Occasionally answering the phone, viewing my GPS route and read the itinerary book. Glasses, spectacles. How how. I’ve got only two hands.

 Infrastructuring at Pompone in Combres Infrastructuring at Pompone in Combres  Brigitte warms up by Pompone in Combres Brigitte warms up at Pompone’s in Combres   Lunch under crucifix Lunch break under crucifix

 image  image  image  image  image   Kraslotkrabber card scratching 
the beauty behind the bar who kept constant watch us the beauty behind the bar who kept constantly watching us 

 Café Guipy < / a> Café Guipy [/ caption] Har ponyanddogtrip 2014-2015 563 - copy - copy Sonja, Bri and Tosca Sonja, Bri and Tosca [/ caption]

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