22 june 2014

Walking with easy boots on her front hoofs helps lowering Luca’s laminitis pain very much. I don’t see limping any more. So there is hope! I can make him wear irons and that might help still more. Every day we make a walk for 30-45 min. He is very active. Is loosing weight. How to feed him right? I give Luca old hay, which he doesn’t like and each day I replace the fence a couple square meters, so he gets a little short grass. Also my site is almost ready, so finally people can find it, I hope. Yesterday a lady criticised me for my plans to make a pony and a dog walk so much for a year. I was stupid to start defending myself, which didn’t convince her in the least. Besides I didn’t look professional, she said, and my horse, dog and me weren’t a team. Well, I don’t want to look professional. I think we are growing to be a team and during that year of walking we’ll become a good team. If one is not self confident, one never will reach his goal. I’ll go for it.

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